As long as we are at it

Teez Tabor is going to the Super Bowl

Just like Mayhew he must be way better than people here gave him credit for :man_shrugging:t2:

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Definitely not just like Mayhew.
Mayhew is involved in the day-to-day business of that team. Tabor has zero snaps this year for the niners.

Mayhew, Kocurek and Tomlinson are legitimate parts of their success. Zettle with 1 regular season snap and Tabor with 0 really are not. (congrats to them, though. They’re still headed to the SB)

Couple more names with Lions ties to throw out there…
Daniel Bullocks = Safeties coach
Stan Kwan = Special Teams coordinator
Levine Toilolo = TE


Kocurek is the one that bugs me. He didn’t do a bad job here when he had some players. When we let the cupboard go bare at DT and didn’t have any real talent on the outside excluding Ziggy for only a couple years. All the players loved him including Suh who doesn’t like anybody but himself.


LOL That’s beautiful!

Kocurek was a Patricia casualty. He was a strength here, for sure.