As we inch closer

I love Simmons. But there’s a great point about buyer beware. I was a Curry fan too…

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Miller is a great pass rusher that rarely drops into coverage. Kuechly is a great LB but rarely rushes the passer. Neither could cover a WR. James is strictly a safety and not even worthy of being in the same discussion.

It’s hard to compare Simmons to other players as they just don’t exist. There just aren’t that many players EVER that are over 6’ 3 1/2" AND run sub 4.4.

Ok, I see this is not a draft order analysis
Simmons as best talent in draft — phew, that’s a pretty wild call
I like Airs analysis here and agree that he could easily fall out of top 10
Will be interesting to see what happens with the guy

I like Simmons.

I just think he gets wasted in the Patricia defense. Patricia’s defense is based around positioning. Simmons’ speed and natural ability will go to waste. He’d be a bust here.

In college he was a Hydrid player that took snaps in the box and off ball as a CB and S in coverage. They were very similar players in college.

Simmons like James won’t be a hydrid in the NFL either. He will either be a LBer or a box S depending on who drafts him. They are easily comparable. Exactly the same no but very compatible players.

James was projected top 10 and went 17OA. I won’t be surprised if Simmons drops out of the top 10.

The ONLY way this will happen, is if 3 OT, or 2 WR go in the top 10. Otherwise he will be a top 10 pick or better. To many top 10 drafting teams have said they he is on their board in 1st rd.

Simmons will be a great pick …I’m all for it… if the two Elite blue chip prospects are off the board in DE Young and CB Okudah . I would still draft DT Brown ahead of Simmons as well… but would settle for Simmons and hope he could meet his athletic potential

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He would be a bad pick IMO …Simmons…he will play well with right team that has a DL that allows him to change up where he is playing …Lions are not that team…I really think he is over graded based on physical stats… He is not a CB an if you think he is just watch what pro WRs will do to him…He can cover TEs…an lay in wait behind line for crossing patterns … But remember pro teams do adapt an as good as Miller is he has more off games than big games …we notice big games an remember them …I don’t think Simmons is even close to him an he will have to show it to make me change my mind.
Brown tosses many players around an games seem easy at times for him but when he gets to pros he will learn a whole new game an so will Simmons…Your not playing against a couple good players like most college teams have… You look at Khalil Mack, outstanding LB an he doesn’t light it up every game . Teams adapt an players find the other guy is good also … Why I like the CB he will be out there on the island alone attempting to stop the WR an he will get it done if we can rush the QB even a little.

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There was someone close: Kirk Gibson, 6-3, 215lb. Gibson, in fact, was timed by NFL scouts in 1978 at 4.28 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

I would be fine with any of these 3. With a trade down of course :slight_smile:

Gibson showed nowhere near that speed as an outfielder.

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Gibson was a terror to DB’s back then since he LOVED to hit and at that size and speed it was really fun to watch him over the middle…He chose wisely on his career choice, and lasted longer in sports, but damn he would have been something.