At the risk of having an intelligent conversation, The lions draft in the top 5

There are any number of suitable candidates for the lions to draft: Derrick Brown, Chase Young, Tua Tagliovia, Isaiah Simmons, Jerry Jeudy, AJ Epenesa, Joe Burrow, Andrew Thomas and Jeffery Okudah. I think it might be safe to say our pick comes from this list.
Joe Burrow and Chase Young are probably one, two. Unless we get into the top two, those two are probably not available.
We do you not know the availability of Matt Stafford long-term. We may not get a chance to draft a quarterback soon, so Joe Burrow and and Taglovia have to be options. But neither goes a long way in filling a need until we know more.
Quite simply, we will be able to choose from the top OL in Thomas, the top WR in Jeudy, the top LB’er in Simmons, the top IDL in Brown, the top CB in Okudah. Of course, there are scores more but, essentially, that’s it. That’s our choice. We have had debate on why each some of these should not be the choice. I would really like the people to make the case for their choice assuming Matt is ok and Burrow and Young go one, two. We also do not know how Golladay, Jones and Slay play out.
My case would be for Isaiah Simmons. Our linebackers have sucked since Spielman. I think someone might want to move up to five and get a QB. Small trade down we get our impact LB. Our DL has a chance to get healthy.
On the side, I think Matt gets healthy, Slay is traded, the DL recovers and we retain Golladay and Jones. We have other holes (Slay/Okudah) at CB, (Wagner/Decker/Thomas)at LT/RT, no impact edge player (Epenesa), DL (Brown) if we lose a WR (Jeudy).
Give me your positive take on why your guy is it.

Patricia wants big LBs. For that reason alone I don’t see us taking Simmons.

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…and he also likes all around versatile Tight Ends that add a whole new dimension to our playbook and offense.

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I would guess Brown, Thomas or a trade down. :man_shrugging:

Unless Young is somehow there.


My order of preference at this stage, noting that many things may and or will change.

  • Not really at ease with DLs Espenesa or Kinlaw (just a gut feeling here).

  • Not at ease with Simmons either, but like Delpit or Okudah (not @ #3-5 though). A trade down scenario comes into play.

  • Pick OL Thomas, move Decker to RT (or not, for 1st year).

  • Pick DL Brown, switch to 4 - 3 (rotation w/Hand & Snacks, Tavai @ MLB).

  • Trade down with a team that wants a QB.

  • Draft Tua/Burrow, if falls down to us (sit under Staff next year).

  • WR & RB is a luxury and not a thought until 2nd rd.

That’s what I’m seeing. If for whatever reason Brown is not the guy, a trade down with a team targeting Tua would be nice and then taking Jeudy would be understandable. Yes, I know the D sucks but going by talent, he’s worthy of a high selection.

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I want the Lions to trade down unless they get to #2 and Young is there.

If Young isn’t there, I just want the trade down. Anyone they pick at #3 or #4 won’t be as valuable as multiple players they took later on imo.

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which to me is weird. it’s a passing league. ho boy is it a passing league. I think I’d rather have a slightly bigger safety to support the run with a bit smaller but faster (and smarter) lbs. generally you’re only running 1 or 2 lbs out there.

Its a passing league but if he gets the kind of big LBs he wants, they are good enough to help in the passing game. IF you can find the rate guys, its actually a great prototype to go after because its the kind of guys that can cover, play the run or even rush off the edge…so you never quite know what they are doing on any given play.

That’s all fine and good if you have a defensive thinking mind like MP. Oh wait…


Have fun with this; I trust you guys’ opinions…

My only concern is, this regime making a critical top-5 pick, pick a “system fit”, and then get fired, essentially screwing the value of the pick.


who is defensive coordinator?? sure asf isn’t MP.

Since the “system” is based on flexibility, the next coach should be able to use whomever we pick.

I suppose my order would be:

  1. Young
  2. Brown
  3. Thomas
  4. Trade Down
  5. Elite talent

I think I would want Brown over Thomas since Snacks is a unknown next year and I am assuming Robinson and Daniels are gone. It would leave Dt missing a great deal of talent. I get LT taking a while to develop but the idea of Thomas and moving Decker to RT is tantalizing. I can see why someone would want Jeudy and WR is going to be a need…lot of choices…

So, I intended for you guys to put your pick forward and tell us where you wanted it. For example, I want Jerry Jeudy as a draft pick because I think we are going to lose one of our to top receivers. That being the case, giving Stafford an elite weapon to couple with the other one at least gives us that option or maintains our offense.

Or, Stafford is A basket case. We need his replacement top reserved so why not grab the best QB available.

Or, Wagner is a liability, draft Andrew Thomas as a replacement and then decide which one plays better left tackle between Decker and Thomas the following year.

I think if Chase Young is gone and no trade down presents itself we either take the tackle or the corner from Ohio.

The only f[quote=“wesleysh21, post:13, topic:2932, full:true”]

My only concern is, this regime making a critical top-5 pick, pick a “system fit”, and then get fired, essentially screwing the value of the pick.

Since the “system” is based on flexibility, the next coach should be able to use whomever we pick.

The only flexibility I see I this system, is them getting bent over week in and week out.


1st option = Chase Young if he fails to #3
2nd option = trade back a few slots and pick Brown
3rd option = trade back quite a bit, like out of the 1st round, for lots of draft capital
4th option = take Thomas at #3OA
5th option = draft Okudah and trade Slay on draft day