Austin Bryant - further discussion

Per NFL IR rules, Bryant must sit out the eight weeks following being placed on IR, and because that happened before Week 1, he is eligible to play in a game in Week 9.

Another stipulation of the IR rules is that, while not eligible to play until after eight weeks, the player can begin practicing after just six weeks. Which means, Bryant is currently eligible to begin practicing.

However, the Lions have elected not to have Bryant begin practicing this week, because of a third stipulation: once a player begins practicing, the team now has a 21-day window to make a decision on the player’s status. Meaning, sometime before the expiration of that 21-day window, the team must place the player on the active roster or they would stay on injured reserve and would not be eligible to return this season.

The bottom line here is, while Bryant is now eligible to practice the Lions are in no hurry to start the clock on making a decision. With a short week and condensed practices, the Lions don’t believe they could properly evaluate his status this week and are waiting until a more appropriate situation.

So, the Lions do not see the emergency to get Bryant back on the practice field, which could mean several things:

Maybe Bryant’s injury is worse than previously reported (to us). As in, he just ain’t ready even after 6 weeks on the IR. I have no doubt the Lions are fully aware of his condition even though he has not and could not practice with the team.


Do they believe Hand will be good to go on Sunday?

Were they satisfied with Strong and/or the PS guy they brought?

I suppose they must believe that A’Shawn will be good to go. Nobody’s hair is on fire that we know of.

He could still play in week 9, even though he doesn’t practice with the team until next week.

I’m guessing they’re expecting Hand back soon and are playing it safe with Bryant. He’s a rookie so they likely don’t expect much and at this point he could be more a liability than help. I expect Bryant to come back slowly if at all this season.

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The NFL did away with the rule that said you have to designate somebody as eligible to return when you put him on the IR. Obviously, if he ain’t physically ready to go then you just leave him out there on the IR until he is. So yeah, Bryant may not be back this year at all, but I believe the Lions have until week 10 or so before they have to bring him back to practice or else he’s IRed for the year. IOW, they’re leaving their options open with him, maybe they might need him in December. He’s a pass rusher, right? I think they need him right now, but he just ain’t 100% NFL ready yet.

The Lions are talking like they woulda brought him back this week but for the short amount of time to evaluate him. And still might, Patricia did not close the door on that. So, at this point I think Bryant comes back in time to play the Bears, but who really knows?

Teams bring back players asap. If hes not even starting practice it’s because hes still injured. If he plays a few games starting week 12 or so, Lions will be lucky.

This one didnt break the Lions way. It happens.

From a write-up in the Det FreeP:

The Detroit Lions’ fourth-round pick in April’s draft, Bryant is eligible to return to practice this week and to games next month. And while the organization has yet to get him on the practice field, or even tell him when that’s going to happen, the time is coming.

Bryant underwent surgery to repair his torn pectoral muscle in January and spent all spring working with the Lions’ rehab group in practice.

He opened training camp on the non-football injury list, was activated a few days later, then suffered an injury that he said was “not the exact same thing, kind of different, just happened to be on the same side” as the one he played through at Clemson, in the first week of practice.

“Just trying to lock a guy out,” he said. “Like you already knew, I was coming back from an injury and just wasn’t quite ready. It gave out on me a little bit. It was nothing really crazy serious, but just something that they wanted to be precautious about and I did, too, so I think it was best for me and best for the organization.”

While Bryant hasn’t played a snap since his injury, he’s stayed fully engaged in team activities.

He’s around the locker room every day, out on the field watching and working on his cardio during practice, and he attends meetings and takes the same tests on whoever the Lions play that week as the rest of the linebacking corps.

Asked about Bryant’s return Wednesday, Lions coach Matt Patricia indicated it won’t happen until next week at the earliest.

The Lions have a 21-day window to evaluate Bryant once he returns to practice, and with no padded workouts scheduled this week coming off a Monday night game, Patricia said “it’s a little bit tough for us to kind of see some things” they need to evaluate in is return.

I am hoping that the Lions believe the Da’shawn Hand will be playing this week against Minny and they really don’t need to rush Bryant back ASAP. I will say this, the part about the 21-day window and the short week not giving them enough time to evaluate him, I don’t get that. This team is trying to gear up enough to make the playoffs and advance in them, so why don’t they hire somebody to do the preliminary evaluation? Outside the organization if necessary, pay TJ to check him out or somebody that runs a training camp for linemen.

But I also have to add this, with A’Shawn’s knee issue and Hand being a ??? and Daniels not able to play, the Lions need DTs more than they need a DE. So, maybe it’s also a priority thing, they don’t want to drop somebody else right now to make room for Bryant on the 53. IOW, 3 weeks from now is better than 2 weeks from now, cuz by the Hand should be out there and maybe Daniels will be too. Yeah, wishful thinking,)