B1G football is back, well, supposedly

8 game schedule. Should qualify for CFP as well.

Why would they quality for the playoffs?

Point being they are starting late but in time to be part of the college playoffs.

They made their decisions and need to stick with it. Nothing has changed since they made the decision, and the fall is projected to be even worse. Stay gone B1G and Pack12, see you next year.

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Yeah it’s kinda to late. Both sunk their ships, and now trying to find the last life vest.

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Two main reasons given in August/Sept were the Myocarditis issue which was proven faulty and inability to test in rapid manner. Both have changed since that decision.

Add in
Tthe reports of thousands of cases with next to no hospitalizations or deaths since students returned to campus, ie early to mid August.
The fact that the majority of tests are reporting false positives due to a wide spectrum in the threshold counts the labs used, PCR, Tcells and more and a lot has changed since the early decision.

You are giving them an artificial out that doesn’t exist. They either made a hasty decision to cancel the season, or they are making a hasty decision to bring back the season. Particularly in the fall, where science and data says things are going to get worse…not better. If they decided to postpone the season until the Spring it would make more sense. I’m not buying it and neither should anyone else.

If Ohio $tate tells the Big10 executives to jump in Lake Michigan I have a feeling they would do it.