Back injuries

Just curious how many of you have had serious back issues.I myself have had 2 back surgeries on at 28 and 1 at 36 for herniated disk.I have healed up pretty well do most things I used to even work as a stone mason where I lift and carry alot of weight everyday.I can tell you the one thing I avoid at all cost is any kind of jarring or hard impact because that cause instant pain.Guess where I’m going with this is yeah Staffords back feels ok now and probably will all through camp.The issue comes when its game day and guys are trying to drive him into the ground and what’s more concerning is he takes big hits trying to extend plays with his legs instead of sliding and avoiding the big hit.I like Matt but I cant help but think this is the biggest unknown going into next season I not at all confident that his back issue just goes away seeings how the same injury ended his last 2 seasons.Do any of you guys that have had back injuries think this is the last we heard of this or like me think it’s a way bigger issue then they are letting on too and just another example of this organization mishandling injuries?

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No back surgeries for me, but I have had my shoulders cut apart. Not remotely the same, serious or as debilitating as back surgeries can be, but I most definitely lost a TON of mobility.

I think Stafford could very well be mostly pain free to enter the season, but he may not have the same mobility or flexibility he had. Plus, like you said, there’s no saying that one “normal” hit doesn’t set him right back. It’s a huge gamble for him and the team.

When I was out riding my Harley, someone in a suburban ran a red light and hit me. Wheel chair for a year and a half. Took years to learn to use my fingers and right arm again. Would take 20 minutes to describe all of the injuries.

To keep on point - not all back injuries are created equally. I had an uncle that had a back injury, and from watching him walk, vs watching his son, who claimed to have a back injury…you can spot it from a mile away. I think Matt, along with others, was IR’d so we could check out the young talent, seee what we have, and improve draft status.

Matt does not move like someone with a back injury, no excess wincing, after hits…nothing. I would not even know he had an injury, if nobody said anything (and he wasn’t on the sideline). I think he’s going to be amazing, next year. Bevell will get a new toy or two, and Matt’s gonna lead a top 1-5 offense to the playoffs.

Damn! That’s terrible, but glad you’re alright. Do you still have daily pain?

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Stafford never ‘let on’ that he even HAD a back injury while playing and since then, he has had his back worked on and dealt with, had a little mending /healing time. that said, Stafford has shown no signs of pain , discomfort , or inability to get around as normal, but has instead kept very active in team meetings, activities, practices, in games , and in the locker room during 2019.

There is both , no doubt he WILL play in 2020 and his back IS better than it WAS in 2019.

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One herniated, 2 ruptured disc’s in my neck, 4,5,6,7. It was rough in my 50’s. Two months from 60 and it’s twice as bad as at 55. I may not be walking in 5 years.

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Usually only in mornings. Thanks for checking in, man.



I have L4/5 S1 with severe arthritis and they’ve been wanting to fuse for urs now and I won’t let them.

There are days I literally run for 6 miles

Then, there days it takes all I got to walk six feet to the toilet…

Crazy …


I’m 52, my back hurts everyday, a little. Never been able to get it back to true. In my late 40s I was still good for 1-3 300ish yard drives a round… struggle to hit it 240. Now I feel like a wuss complaining about it.

Good exercise in perspective

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My understanding is what Stafford suffered in both seasons 2018/2019 was a Transverse Process Fracture , painful it’s a fractured bone but with no long term effects once healed , those comparing it to soft tissue or discs or nerves are missing the actual issue here …
This was bad luck hitting twice with no relevance to each other. No back stability issues , no loss of mobility , no loss of function or strength or flexibility …The length in healing between this year and last most likely due to how may fractures he had and how long they were …My Ortho Doctor buddy of mine told me he is no more likely to suffer this injury again than any other QB who never had this injury . How hard you get hit and bad luck are the determining factors . This is not a case of now he has a bad back and this is something that will bother him …it heals stronger than before it was fractured .
Romo suffered this injury but also had disc issues , nerve issues long before he had suffered these fractures, They are not related . Discs and suffering herniation is a much worse issue to deal with as far as being debilitating or long term and for re occurrence . The two not remotely similar. Surgery on a disc often has trimming to elevate the bulge but when you trim you lose a % of Disc eventually you are looking at having vertebra fused if re-occurence happens more than twice or three times .


I’m an avid Golfer myself …Love the game . I’m 45 & have had both lower and upper back issues since my mid twenties…I would not shit you , like telling my closest childhood friends . I popped Opioids like candy for years when back trouble would rear it’s head …I have not taken any in 6 years not since a little Asian Doctor saw me on a train platform waiting for a train in agony crouched down nearly squatting …He asked me my issue & I told him in depth …He said to me “Inversion board and not cheap one Big Man” true vertical not almost but true vertical . LIFE CHANGING DEVICE !

15 min , twice a day , 3 days a week for me now as maintenance. More frequently early on or when you have pain …this is the new board I bought after years of a teeter brand . It’s a miracle worker


Great, accurate description of difference in structural injuries. BTW, where have you seen this documented that Stafford’s injury this year was also Transverse Process ? Personally familiar with TP.

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I am no MD and have had no surgeries, but my chiropractor was quick to point out each back is different.

I can’t say that Matt will be fine anymore that I can say he is going to follow the path of Romo. I hope for the former and hope that the organization is making plans for the latter.

We have reached a point where we should be hedging our bet to be safe.

Yeah, I’ve used my buddies a couple times. Good stuff. I may get one after talking to my Chiro and Cardiologist

I’ve had no traumatic injuries at all, though I have had chronic neck pain that had reached a whole new level in the past few months, including a significantly reduced range of motion. I have the inversion outfit now and am trying different things with exercise and stretches.

I’ve long thought about getting an inversion table. I injured my back at 23, shoveling snow of all things, was laid up for 2 weeks needing help to get in and out of bed and down and up stairs. A decade later, I’ve learned how not to aggravate the injury, I don’t have insurance so I never bothered to get it extensively looked at. When going to a chiropractor, they took an x-ray and pointed out that 2 of my discs were compressed, spine rotated and my hips were uneven. I avoid quick, twitch movements, but even the smallest thing like bending over at the waist and standing up too quickly has thrown it out. I keep meds on standby just in case, but I’ve moved out of the field and more into a management role when I started my company, so it hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind nearly as much.

All that being said, bones crack and break and heal just fine, Stafford shouldn’t suffer from his injuries long term. What he does need to do is stop playing like a 22 year old and start sliding instead of diving like he did in Oakland when he suffered the injury. That extra couple yards may get a first down, but it can costs wins down the line for the games you miss as a result.


Talking to a Doctor is a good idea…always check first. After looking into the board post purchase as I was desperate and just jumped into it looking for relief. It worked perfectly. It’s basically a body weight , gravity, chiropractor . It uses gravity and when vertical (upside down) it relieves all the pressure on the discs and lines you all up . No postilion sitting, laying etc removes all pressure , the board does what nothing else can do which is remove all pressure and allow the meaty disc to heal .


This sounds exactly like me…Like what I was going through forever . I could lift a couch no issue, but bend over to pick up a paperclip rapidly and throw my back out for two weeks. I also had two slightly bulging discs , the relief was instant .
3 Weeks later of using the board daily I was perfect. I have not thrown my back out in 6 years and only use it 1.5 hours a week now. Look into it.

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It was actually my daughter that told me …she follows his wife on instagram she had posted a response to someone saying Matt had suffered the same injury as last year just in a different area.

I’ve suffered from back and neck injuries.

When I was younger a Motorcycle racing accident caused several broken bones in my lower back. I later broke several bones in my neck in a boating accident. I was able to over come both injuries and lead a mostly normal and active life but once I hit my forties the back issues and neck issues rose up.

I’ve since had two emergency neck surgeries. The first was to repair two herniated discs. The second was to fix a broken cage, herniated disc and broken vertebrae in my neck. The second one was this last fall. Coughing caused it. The Dr told me that my neck was barely holding my head on my shoulders. Now I have plates, screws and two cages in my neck holding it all together. I figure my big head is the main cause … lol

My back is a different story. They say it’s 50/50 if a surgery would make it better or worse. The Dr’s solution is pain meds and some days I really need them. I’ve tried inversion tables they worked in my young 40’s but don’t work anymore. Sometimes they make my back and neck worse. I suffer from multiple bulging discs all along my back and neck.

I would not wish back injuries on anyone but I know first hand that you can lead an active, and physical life after a broken back and neck.

However I also know that once you have an injury that other issues tend to creep up.