Bad vibes about this season

And dont forget another punt that went 55 yards…but was returned 43 yards. One scoring drive started at our 32 yard line, and another one started at our 18.

It’s funny because one of the only teams since Stafford has got here that has made us look like that was…the Cardinals. But that was the Bruce Arians Cardinals that had more overall talent. This is not that team.

It was not a very good start to the season.

I kind of felt good for Roberts, being an ex Lion and all, but damn. I remember when he used to do them FOR us instead of against us.

I prefer the CCR version…
“there’s a bathroom on the right”


Didn’t he make a huge catch at the end of the @Vikings game in 2016 and we ended up winning it in OT?

You are right, this team is not that team…they might be better.
David Johnson
Charles Clay

If this offense is clicking, they might be good.
Defense has some talent too.
Zach Allen
Chandler Jones
Reddick came-on last year
Patrick Peterson
Rob Alford - used to sing for Judas Priest!

We aren’t playing Patrick Peterson, he is suspended.

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That was the guy. We had very little time left and needed a miracle to get into FG range. Roberts was that miracle. Spiked it with 2 seconds and Prater hits the 60 yarder (57?)

One should be grateful for those kinds of things.

Maybe we’ll get Byron Murphy then.

Yeah, I posted that one as a joke.


I’m slow.

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So am I (slow), these young kids tell jokes that I don’t understand but I do know good music. CCR was good then, good now, and good forever. Eagles, BTO, 3 Dog Night, etc. Them was the days.


Classic stuff right there, Wise.

CCR was a freaking hit machine.

I saw no pass rush – none – in the preseason. Not even pressure, really.

Now, granted, a lot of the top d-linemen didn’t play much, and we were being vanilla in our schemes, and the Lions under Patricia typically use blitzes for their QB pressure. But, dang, it would have been nice to see somebody use strength or moves to beat their guy and get to the QB in FOUR games.

Beyond that, the O-line already looks thin. Our only true OT backup is Tyrell Crosby, who just had an awful preseason. It’s one of the big indictments on Quinn that he’s expended so much draft and free-agency capital on the O-line and it is still not great – and maybe not even good.

So I’m learning toward losing record more than winning one.

It’ll be interesting to see how well our 1st string DL plays when it counts. Even without Jarrad Davis, I suspect our run defense will be pretty stout, the real question is containment against Murray and other opposing QBs, can we prevent them from beating us with their feet?

But the painful part in pre-season was watching the backup OL getting crushed, Cosby and Donnal in particular looked really bad. Donnal is already gone, but I think they’ll have to go with Crosby this season and give him some help, like maybe a TE over there or something. Not every play, sometimes you run it and sometimes you roll the QB out or take a 3-step drop and fire to mitigate the damage. And with any luck Crosby won’t be out there much anyway, they might even use Wiggins as the 3rd OT. Couldn’t be any worse than Crosby was. And finally, maybe Crosby realizes his job is on the line if he doesn’t up his game, whatever that takes. He looked so slow out there, like his conditioning was poor or his technique. Whatever, dude the writing is on the wall, and he might be replaced before the Arizona game.

On the positive side, KeJo is healthy, CJA is an absolute upgrade over Blount, and TyJo is one super fast mofo. If they can, they might put Thompson on the PS and maybe bring him up. The TE situation is vastly improved from what it was last year, and frankly I like Amendola out there. He won’t give you the YAC that Tate did, but he will give you the 1st down.

On defense, they got better everywhere, especially that DL. It would be quite upsetting if guys like Flowers and Daniels don’t provide more pressure on the QB. In addition to Snacks, Hand, Okwara, Kennard, and the rest. Those 2 guys will help free up the others to make plays IMHO. I think our Safeties are better and I don’t think Melvin could be any worse than the whatshisface CB2 was last year.

Sooo, I see a team that oughta be giving up fewer points than last year and scoring more on offense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more takeaways and fewer giveaways too. Could be wrong of course, usually am. But I think this team is going in the right direction, and if they can stay healthy they could be fighting for a playoff spot and even the division title.

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I have bad feelings every damn season. Its called “Lionitis Syndrome”. Years of busted dreams become more comfortable as the soul solidifies into an inert mass of gelatinous anti-matter.

Dogs detect this and keep their distance.

I’m getting good vibrations.

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How about the excitations?

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Completely agree with all of this, brother. Exactly my sentiments.