Banging the table for Clyde Edwards Helaire

This guy is awesome. I really want the Lions to pick him up. Great runner, quick, powerful, balance, vision, great hands. I love this guy.


He’s gonna go way too high, I bet he’s the first or second RB off the board. Front offices are gonna love everything he brings. If Burrow was the trigger of the LSU offense, CEH was the bullet.


He plays like a back nowhere near his size.
Very few backs can run between the tackles at that size, and he does it well.
Probably the most underrated running back entering the combine imo.

He’s my 2nd choice after Dobbins.

Give me Antonio Gibson in a later round… I’d rather grab DE/OLB, WR and CB in the first 3 rounds

I don’t think he’s in the top 3 backs drafted but he’s going to be one of the top 3 best if that makes any sense.

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He is my #1 for me. Dobbins would be next.

I don’t see it Clyde Edwards Helaire, he’s a good RB with good hands , but like Burrow a product of the system .
With the Defenses being so spread out by the LSU Offense it was schemed production .
They ran an inside zone nearly 70% of all running plays ,also the RPO scheme, when Joe Burrow being the decider if Helaire would get the ball on RPO plays by what he saw and what he wanted to do ,which accounted for 25% of the entire Offense and when Burrow in RPO decided to hand it off to Helaire he avg nearly 7.0 yards per carry, but when not in RPO and designed run plays in other formations for Helaire , he was his avg self , and delivered 4.5 yards per carry in 2019 which was what he was as a RB in College prior to this scheme in 2018 .

Good lord, here we go again.



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Yep …Facts Suck.

Snags …Better to pretend the magic jelly beans they ate were the difference for Burrow and Helaire in 2019 or that it just clicked in 2019 …It could not possibly be the Offense installed by Joe Brady that had these guys shining in 2019 when they did nothing prior …
No one will be pounding the table for a RB that does not pass block all that well and one that runs in the 4.6 range

Odd how you try so hard to crap on everyone from LSU but we see no such stats or stories about your Ohio State guys.

I like you, I really do…but you just try way to hard to crap on LSU players and fluff the hell out of OSU guys, thems the facts right there!


Are you mad because Burrow transferred out of Ohio State and won the National Championship for LSU and not OSU?

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I have no angst against LSU , none whatsoever

I LOVE Delpit (One of my favorite players in the entire draft) , LOVE K’Lavon Chaisson, I really like Justin Jefferson , Jacob Phillips …

I dismiss the idea that avg players became special …Burrow was what he was and Helaire is a 4.4 yd per carry RB … You dismiss his production when not in RPO and dismiss his 150 carries prior to 2019 showed an avg RB …

No I’m not emotionally invested in College Football not even a little bit . He was not getting on the field because he was an avg QB

You claim I forget he was a 4.6 ypc in 2018…but so was Dobbins and both you and I like him. So, it’s ok that Dobbins was a 4.6 ypc guy in 2018 but not ok for CEH, got it.

Not at all , Dobbins is faster , stronger , a better runner and pass protector …the 2 are not close as far as consistency and having proved it …
2018 was a season that had a statue at QB in Haskins and had Dobbins running in the most obvious situations into walls …
Cylde Edwards Helaire was beaten by Zach Zenner in every single category at the combine and in College production . A 5ft 7 205 lb RB ran back to back 4.61 & 4.62 40’s ??? All the hype and how he was the 2nd best RB in the draft are going to change by the so called pundits in 24 hours .

Dobbins is not faster. Both before combine ran a 4.50. I didn’t get to see combine numbers yet.

Update: just seen Clydes 40 times. 4.6s
Not good numbers even for him.

What ? Dobbins is quicker, faster and stronger … not close. Dobbins electronically timed ran a 4.45 entering Ohio State at NIKE’s rating day .

He was also timed electronically with a 4.32 at Ohio State on the same day as his teammates …

J.K Dobbins… 4.32…Did not run
Denzel Ward …4.29…NFL Combine 4.32
Terry McLaurin 4.36 …NFL Combine 4.35
Paris Campbell 4.28…NFL Combine 4.31

Now Dobbins is Quick and Fast but does not have the long speed after 50 yds …Those short legs I’m sure have an effect on the caught from behind runs…He is not remotely a 4.6 guy that Helaire showed

It’s all good NYL. I just posted what I seen on several sites. I seen my stats in multiple places, and so did you. If you say he is faster, then he is faster to you according to your sites. I wasn’t trying to argue with you.

That’s why there are so many with different options from others. Because they choose to believe what they want to. Your good man.

I just don’t agree is all. Just because CEH’s vertical and broad jump was better than J. Taylor, doesnt mean he is strong and a better athlete does it? I personally dont think so.

It all depends how each and everyone looks at stats and film and which site they see it on. Thats all.

Just trying to say, that you show alot of stats (which is good in a lot of ways) on many things. But that wont change the opinion of others in what they feel already and in what they have already researched.

But you are ok in my book. :slight_smile: