Baylor's QB - Charlie Brewer

Only a JR., but dang tonight against Oklahoma he looks good.

Seems Bevell’s type of QB…

If………. we gabbed one, I like him at least tonight…

opinions on this kid.

Yeah I thought he looked pretty good too. Pretty impressed.

If you are watching the ole miss game, John Plumlee their QB has 201 rushing yards and 4 td’s tonight. Pretty impressive as well. His arm kinda sucks though.

I don’t feel qualified to comment. LOL. I know what a crap shoot QBs can be.

I want the nastiest DT that ever played football, and the ugliest OL and RB available.


I want a DT with power, technique and hands like Eddie Goldman. He was a handful for our guys last week. Would make A huge difference here.

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Brewer doesn’t have an NFL arm IMO.

And, sadly, he was shit down the 2nd half…

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Would we get the 1st Half version or the 2nd Half version of him?

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WE would get the 2nd half version. If another team took him, they’d probably get the first half version.

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Justin Herbert is the real deal this year.

So true :joy:

What do you guys think about Jalen Hurts?
I am not high on him, but I could see someone taking a shot on him in the mid to late first round.

I heard Tua is undergoing hip surgery as we speak in hopes he is all healed by the offseason.