Bears — Cowboys— Redskins — Bears

Next 4 games are winnable
Your call on record for next 4 games …
Does the narrative change if they win 4 straight?
Cowboys at home right?
Doable …

With the way the defense is playing, I’d say 2-2 is the best case scenario here (losing 1 to Bears and Dallas).

This is a 7-9 team if I’ve ever seen one, and as a Lions fan, I’ve seen plenty.

2 - 2, which means 5 - 6 - 1. :poop:

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4-0. Bc why not, look like a genius if they do, and when they don’t, I’ll just laugh at myself. The only game we will dominate this year will be the Skins game. strong text

Bears on the road: I will say close Loss. I mean, our defense was much better last year and we still made their backup Chase Daniel look like Steve Young in his prime.

Cowboys at home: Win. They are a flawed team with a terrible coach. They crumble under any pressure when facing even mediocre teams on the road.

Skins on the road: Used to be a guaranteed loss to play there, but I think we win handily.

Bears at home: Win because its at home. The Bears offense sucks just enough that our defense will get at least a few stops at home. Plus maybe goalpost.

3-1. Just enough to almost make folks think there’s a chance at something, even though that ship sailed.

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We go 4-0 and we stay in the hunt and hope for other key losses


We need to get healthy. Fast. Guys keep going down its going to be a long eight games.

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We totally can go 4-0, over the next 4.

It would be very Lionseque to go 4-0 the next 4 then lose to the Bucs and Broncos to get put out of the playoffs

The Cowboys are going to kill us though. They are the Raiders but better. Just a horrible matchup.

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If the defense doesn’t start playing better I dont feel comfortable with any of these games.

I think Zeke is gonna eat our lunch when we play Dallas.

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Maybe foolish, but I’m counting on improved health

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:rofl: That’s so what is going to happen.

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The slack is gone. 6-2 or even 7-1 is doable, considering the way Stafford is moving the offense. So if the defense finally shows up they can get to 9-6-1 or even 10-5-1. Likely? Uh, no. With this bunch there’s no telling, preaching and teaching fundamentals ain’t working, so Mr defensive genius needs to find a way to get his defense on track or they’ll be lucky to get to 8-7-1. They’re giving away wins, game that should’ve been wins are losses and that shit has to stop. Will it? You’re gonna have to show me fellas. Not you guys, them.


Ha! This is the Lions. We’ll beat the Girls and lose to the skins.

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This team is on the verge of imploding and a loss at a terrible Chicago will just about make this team just wave the white flag.

This team gets back on track with a win in Chicago and then rolls to a couple home wins sandwiched by a road game at lowly Washington.

Golden saying … who the heck knows anymore!!!

2-2. This team is nothing more then a 500 team.

Injury Report: Yikes!