Bears-Rams question

How many others are rooting for the Bears? I sometimes don’t know who I root for until the game is on. I find myself rooting for the Bears… draft position and last place schedule for next year. This year is officially over, i guess!

I’m still just having the most fun I an with football, and being a fan. Root for Linos. Root against Packers.

Makes life easy. That other stuff will sort itself out. I think we’ll win too many games to get great draft portion. AFC is awful.

There really isn’t a “last place schedule” anymore.

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Rooting pretty hard for the Rams right now. I’m cool seeing Chicago not win another game and giving Oakland an even better draft pick.

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Every time Collinsworth says Gabriel, I think of this. SO funny.

Brown could have been ours.

I never get tired of seeing the Bears lose

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Anyone think Chicago drafts another QB? Trubisky has a 35.7 QBR for the season. :scream:

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Yup! They’ll trade up with us, and we’ll get an extra 3rd rounder for trading with them. They will trade up and snag someone they could have gotten with the 3rd rounder they traded to us, passing on much better QBs…it’s how they do it.

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holy hell is that bad, I knew he was bad …but not 35-36% QBR bad -whew !


I was rooting for them and couldn’t figure out why. This troubled me deeply, so I turned off the game.

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Khalil Mack had a Blutarski on the stat sheet—0.0 across the board.

I love that the Bears don’t have a 1rst rd pick this year!

Look for them to make a play to aquire Newton…

I also turned it off…why spend your night rooting for the hated Bears. A couple more weeks of FNL’s, after that we need another diversion from pro sports.

Just think what it would be if he didn’t shred us. His highest rating of the season was obviously against our garbage D and it wasn’t even close.

He had a similar game to us vs the Redskins. But other than those 2 outliers he’s been pretty much what some of us thought he was…and what we saw last year. He had some HUGE games last year that helped his overall stats to make him look less pitiful, and the D was so good they were winning games so it was hard to notice how bad he was. Last year HALF of his total TDs for the season came in just 3 games…Tampa, Miami and us. This year 2/3 of his TDs have come against just 2 teams…us and the Redskins.

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Sounds like rocket science to me.

I went to this game last night, not sure why, but I did. Anyway, you can sense a bit of chaos when Trubisky is on the field, players seem unsure what is going on and plays take longer to get called, and the ball takes longer to get snapped. Maybe Nagy’s system is too much for this guy right now. And yes, I think the Bears will add some competition at the QB position in the off season because if they don’t, Nagy might be done there.
Aaron Donald > Khalil Mack and it wasn’t even close last night

Yes! I think Mack is as good at being a LB as Donald is as a DT, but DT makes the entire D better. If you can have the best DT of all time, or the best LB of all time…take the DT.

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Well said

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