Bears snag Robert Quinn 5 yrs. 70M

Loved this guy as a prospect. Is getting up there a bit, but still one of the better pure pass rushers. Still bendy and explosive. Not happy that he’s going to be teaming up with Mack… :flushed:

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Sweet!!! Who is our new GM going to be??

Best. News. Ever!!

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They’re getting the 2018-2019 Quinn but paying him like he’s the 2013 Quinn.

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Every FA signing is and will be silly money

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They released Leonard Floyd as well. Was he a Pace pick?

Unfortunately, yesterday’s top 5 money is today’s top 15 money.

Yes, didn’t like hearing Quinn will be opposite Mack. That D is going to ruin a lot of days for opposing QBs.

Unless you run it down Quinn’s throat. It really depends if they can get back to their 2018 level of offense. If they can play from ahead then yeah that’s going to be a big problem. You have Hicks to deal with inside too

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So we signed a poor pass blocking RT while our in division rival adds to their already dominant pass rush… This should end well

On the other hand, we added a very good run-blocking RT, so maybe our rushing attack gets better and we don’t have to throw it as often. And it wasn’t like Wagner was all that shit-hot at either pass-pro or run-blocking

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way, Way, WAY too much for an oft-injured one-trick edge rusher who will start the season on the wrong side of 30;

and for this they dumped Leonard Floyd?

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more like a hot mess;

WHEN he was on the field;

Definitely not a good contract for Chicago. Not that we’re killing it or anything :joy:

We have Hockenson to help handle Mack on the right side. Decker’s got Quinn.

I wouldn’t call the Bears pass rush dominant, they were ranked 22nd in pass rush win rate. Just means the Bears will be in Salary cap hell for the foreseeable future.

too old and too much for a too light one trick pony who has a history of not being able to stay on the field;