Beastmode can’t stay retired

With Seattle losing two running backs this week, they are hosting Marshawn Lynch for a formality visit before announcing that he has returned to football. It’ll be interesting to see how much he can give them in what I assume will be a limited workload.

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Dear sweet Baby Yoda Jesus,

Let them get to the superbowl against the patriots and have the game winning play on the one yard line again. And this time, sweet little green adorable baby Yoda, let Pete Carol do the right fucking thing and give it to Lynch.

Merry Christmas…amen


What’s funny is the OC that made that playcall isn’t even in the NFL anymore. He’s calling plays for some semi-pro team to try to get noticed so he can get back in the NFL someday.

Here is a funny Lynch commercial for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


LOL that’s brilliant

Skittles aren’t free


I remember awhile back he signed a deal with Skittles. He’s good. :joy:

A side story about Lynch that came out. He’s lived off of his endorsement deals and socked away all of his bonuses and game checks.

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I read that about Rob Gronkowski as well. He put his money from the Pats in the bank, and lived off commercials and endorsements while he played. Now of course the networks pay him for appearances on top of that because everybody loves to see Gronk.

Lynch is back because he wants to play. If Gronk comes out of retirement, it’ll be for the sake of playing and not because he is about to lose the house. They’ve made smart choices with their money.

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And then on the opposite end, you have Adrian Peterson. He used his money like chit, and is beyond broke. He does seem to still love football, but he haas to play for the money. He’s in debt up to his eyeballs, and just recently got implicated in a money making scam. And this from a guy that made more money money over his career than the previous 2 we were talking about.


I read he was getting around $5 million in endorsements for 2016 alone. He’s made some great moves.

He actually did an episode of the Bear Grylis survival show.

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I don’t watch a lot of TV but I’d damn sure tune in for that.

Hmmmm I though Bevel, our current OC was the OC of the hawks who chose to pass from the 1 yard line instead of pounding it in

Yes, but this is only a temporary setback in his career. He hopes to get back into calling plays for an NFL team some day.:joy:


A lot of us would take a Super Bowl apperance :wink:

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You mean he’s up to debt to his children’s bruised testicles.

Time to take a switch to the checkbook!

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He’s probably doing fine financially. It’s not like he has a history of poor choices with mon-


Never mind.

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Dearborn is in Michigan so that makes sense.

They probably get through the winter months with rentals for nativity performances or stuff like that. I imagine most churches are on a paper mache camel budget, but some of the mega churches can probably afford to have genuine camels up there chewing straw and taking dumps while Christ is born.