Beirut Explosion

I’m not sure I’m buying that these explosions were caused entirely by fireworks. I think there’s more to the story here, perhaps.

Anyone think this massive explosion could have been caused by fireworks?

Here’s a list of videos:

Angle 8 around the 10 second mark…No way that’s fireworks, right? We can see a lot of tiny explosions that resemble fireworks in multiple angles but I just don’t see how any amount of fireworks could lead to that massive secondary explosion that occurred.

Angle #1

Angle #2

Angle #3

Angle #4

Angle #5

Angle #6

Angle #7

Angle #8

Angle #9

Angle #10


Yes. Fireworks are seriously deadly stuff. I remember when I lived in Hawaii, a company was storing fireworks in an old underground munitions bunker designed for bombs, etc. There was an explosion inside the bunker and a guy outside got killed. Fireworks are basically bombs strapped to rockets.

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At 1st I was trying to google bombs in order of power. I was thinking this had to be something that was just a notch or two under A-Bomb.

Fireworks though!? Didn’t even cross my mind.

What a shame. Those poor fn people that were anywhere near that thing.

So I’d still believe it was fireworks, but here’s what CNN is saying:

Major General Abbas Ibrahim, of Lebanon’s General Security Directorate, said the massive blast that shook Beirut’s port area on Tuesday was caused by confiscated “high explosive materials.”

It would be “naive to describe such an explosion as due to fireworks,” Ibrahim told Lebanese TV.

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Hearing it may have been caused by Ammonium Nitrate now from their Interior Minister.

Note to self…Avoid any areas that store large quantities of ammonium nitrate. JFC.

Some history on ammonium nitrate disasters.


That’s crazy, thanks for posting.


Google Tianjin explosions/fires. Just a few years ago. Makes this Beirut thing a fart in the wind…

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Yep, massive…

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Don’t know Weez. This was 3200 tons of ammonium nitriate. Read reports of 3500 injured and 75 dead, which is sure to rise dramitcally. That shock wave looked nuclear though.

The videos are incredible!

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Just wow.

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Did you watch the video he posted, like all the way thru?

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Yes I did, and a few others from other angles. It pales in comparison to this. Have YOU seen the many videos from Beirut?

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Yes. And I didn’t think it could compare, until I watched it.

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Yeah, its all bad.

Note to governments. Build rural ammonium nitrate storage depots. This shit happens every couple years…damn.


Thanks for putting those together my man. Incredible.

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Both are insane. The sheer percussion from the recent one and the mushroom cloud is scary AF. That’s not to say those continuous blasts/fireballs from the other aren’t. Both equally devastating.

Simply amazing footage. My heart goes out to all the people close to both.

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Estimated to be 3,200 x stronger than the Oklahoma City bombing.

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This is why you don’t eff around with ammonium nitrate. Letting that much of it sit in a densely populated area is practically begging for a disaster.


“This is not just ammonium nitrate,” former CIA operative says of explosion

Robert Baer, a former CIA operative with extensive experience in the Middle East, said videos of Tuesday’s blast showed that while ammonium nitrate may have been present in the warehouse, he does not believe it was responsible for the massive explosion that ensued.

Initial reports blamed the blast on a major fire at a warehouse for firecrackers near the port, according to Lebanese state news agency NNA.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, later said that 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive material used in fertilizers and bombs, had been stored for six years at a port warehouse without safety measures, “endangering the safety of citizens,” according to a statement.

Baer said he thinks that there were military munitions and propellants present. He speculated it could have been a weapons cache, but it’s unclear who it belongs to.

“It was clearly a military explosive,” he said. “It was not fertilizer like ammonium nitrate. I’m quite sure of that.”

“You look at that orange ball (of fire), and it’s clearly, like I said, a military explosive.”

Baer noted that white powder seen in the videos of the incident before the major blast are likely an indicator that ammonium nitrate was present and burning. He also noticed a lot of munitions going off ahead of the larger explosion.

No evidence of an attack: Baer said while he believes the explosion does not look like solely ammonium nitrate, there’s still no evidence that this was an attack. The government has blamed poor management and vowed to get to the bottom of it.

“It almost looks like an accident,” he said. “It was incompetence, and maybe it was corruption, but the question is whether it was military explosives, who was it going to or why was it stored there?”

Baer isn’t confident we’ll ever know the truth.

“I’ve worked in Lebanon for years, and no one is going to want to admit they kept military explosives at the port. It’s a stupid thing to do.”

Investigation launched: Prime Minister Diab’s account appeared to be backed by Lebanon’s General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim, who said a “highly explosive material” had been confiscated years earlier and stored in the warehouse, just minutes’ walk from Beirut’s shopping and nightlife districts.

The Prime Minister has launched an investigation into the explosion, saying he “will not rest until we find those responsible for what happened, hold them accountable, and impose maximum punishment.”

As yet, there is no clear evidence to suggest the source of the blast.

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