Belichick & Saban

Anyone watch this? Kind of surprised there’s not a thread about it. I knew their paths have crossed over the years, but never knew of the friendship. Makes sense though, because they’re both egotistically arrogant bastards. Also only the best two coaches in football. Really interesting HBO special, like them all.

Very well done on their life history and how they became how they are.

I haven’t seen it, so I will have to check it out. Former players of Belichick say he’s not the same person with them behind closed doors as he is in front of the media. He’s nicer and funnier. Former players of Saban say he’s an even bigger dick behind closed doors than he is in front of the media.:rofl:

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I’ve never been happier than watching Nick Saban stomp around like a child screaming during the end of the Auburn game because he got outcoached on the 4th down.

I flippin hate that guy and root against him every chance I get. I do appreciate the program though. Some amazing players have came out of there.

“Good players can’t overcome bad coaching”

They’re the top of their profession. The best of the best.
Hard to be egotistical. Damn near impossible to be arrogant.