Belichick's memo on how to build an offense

The article is good (and implies Lions might draft Tua) but the photocopied note from Belichick on what to look for in Offensive players is Priceless!


Daniel Jeremiah shared the photo on Twitter the other day. Good stuff.


We do not seem to be building our OL the BB way to me.


Maybe Bill should learn to not spend a first on Sony Michel. A lot of it is good content, that holds true. The one thing WAY off is needing a run game to succeed.

This was from 30 years ago. Football has evolved quite a bit since then.

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But “The Patriot Way” has not and has been super effective over the last 20 years.

You know, getting Tom Brady in the 6TH… there’s a little luck involved when talking about the “patriot way”.


So has Belichick!

Bill Belichick’s Football Bible

Offense Must Do These things:
(What Lions Don’t do in Bold)

1. Run the ball

2. Pick up the Blitz

  1. Pick up 3rd downs

  2. Score

That’s half the shit…lol

Ole Bill has running the ball #1. Stafford has NEVER had a top 15 run game in his fucking career.

He prioritized running the ball inside early in the game (north/south) with power running and beastly run blocking by the interior O-linemen, as well as passing to the slot inside. Once defenses make a correction you go outside.

Yes this was almost 30 years ago in 1991 but New England usually has a top run game most seasons. I’d wager that more than 50% of the time they have a top 10-12 run game. It works! BB still loves to work the middle of the field in the passing game.

That would be a good wager. Although BB’s teams were great on the ground since about 2008, before that they were mediocre or below average.

That being said in the same timeframe that BB has been at NE, the Lions running game has consistently been ranked in the bottom third in the league. The best they ranked 19th in y/g in 2004, every other year they were 23rd or below with several seasons ranked 32nd in the league. I know it is just one stat.

Who was that one RB that resurrected his career there? I think maybe he was a Bengal that got in some kind of trouble. He started the trend where NE would give 2nd life to a troubled pro. Pretty darn good runner on their 1st SB run if memory serves.

Corey Dillon. He was beast mode before beast mode.

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Thank you.

While there are always exceptions the premise holds true.

Year in and year out the playoffs tend to be teams with the better run offenses. At least far often than not.

Yet most of that still holds true today.