Bengals cut Dre Kirkpatrick

I’d like to add him to our secondary.

He’d be a great addition, true outside corner who can play man. He should get around $8-10 million/year in FA

Try again genius

Not to mention he played man coverage almost exclusively while at Alabama… and you’re accusing me of having bad takes?? You best keep quiet.


Gotta agree with guitar here, he was all american because of his man cover skills and actually had his best int years as a pro in a higher man coverage system. He’s still good in zone, which they ran a lot the last 2yrs, but he’s really good in man. Him as the 1, trufant the 2, plus Coleman and the others makes a pretty good unit

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The casual NFL fan thinks every single CB “sucks”. Why? Because all they do is see the CB getting lit up game after game because that’s part of being a CB. Everyone that doesn’t win the super bowl or go to the pro bowl = “sucks”.

No way in hell 95%+ of the people on this board have analyzed enough film on any CB in the NFL to say, with any legitimate certainty, if the player is a “good zone CB” or is “terrible in man to man coverage”. We’ve got a special few on this board that definitely know what they are talking about - and it’s good to hear their takes. The rest of us are just speaking in absolutes based on our opinions which are often based on nothing more than “Did said player go to the pro bowl, win the super bowl, or have a good PFF grade”.


I agree, I don’t have the time I used to (maybe right now I do with everything going on) to scout these guys. At one point, I was literally watching hundreds of hours of film on NFL draft prospects, at least 2-3 games of the top 100-150 players. Kirkpatrick’s draft, 2012, was in the sweet spot of when I was watching a lot of tape and I remember watching him vividly. He’s a good, not great corner, but he’s definitely a low end #1 CB in the NFL and absolutely a man cover guy. It drives me nuts when ignorant people speak on something they clearly have NO knowledge of. I mean, come on guys, google is an amazing tool, use it before opening up your trap and sounding ignorant AF.


Do you post just to hear yourself talk? You have absolutely NO clue what you’re talking about.

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This is getting closed with continued personal attacks.



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Neither him or Logan Ryan are going to be better in 2020 than Amani Oruwariye

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Nice to be sure. I hope you’re right, but I think the Lions could use another good CB so they could trade down in the draft and live without Okudah if they had to. Or maybe they can take Chase Young at #3 knowing their secondary is okay.

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I love how people speak in absolutes with absolutely nothing to base it on. I hope he was being semi sarcastic. It’s almost like they don’t remember having to rely on late round picks like Aaron Berry or Jonte Greene, or my personal favorite Nevin “I can’t make a play on the ball” Lawson

We need another CB don’t want to draft okudah.
Still want Logan Ryan. BQ still sitting on his thumbs. We got some money use it.

Do you have live footage of said thumb sitting?

No but I do have one of him with his thumb up his ass!


I agree. I thought AO was pretty good for a rookie CB. He also was stellar at the college level for two years so there is some pedigree there.

I’m not they worried about number 2 CB. The reason I’m okay with Okudah (hopefully after a trade down) is not based off of need but just that I think he’s the second best defender in the draft. Well that and Trufant’s durability scares me.

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Okudah i’ve now heard pat kirwan, Gil Brandt, Brady Quinn and a former head scout for Seattle all say he’s got the best footwork and technique they’ve seen in a long time. They say hes already top 5 fundamentally in the NFL without even being drafted yet. All predict many many pro bowl years from him.
Now of course predictions and potential mean nothing, results do, but he had the skill set to make you say slay who. I still want young first but then i’m ok this okuah, Simmons, or brown

NFL Gamepass is free.

They have condensed games. Watch 4 Bengals and 4 Titans games against decent passing attacks and I don’t think you guys would-be excited about Ryan or Kirkpatrick.

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We may be able to get a better player after the draft. Who’s available right now are the scraps minus a couple players like Clowney. After the draft they fill holes. Some they expect to, others are a surprise that they get and when roster cut down occurs, and tough decisions have to be made to get under the cap etc., additional players become available that are better quality that whats available right now. Trades when the comp tends to be lower and next years picks, but you get the player now are a good option. A lot of those guys on other rosters are on big contracts so to trade for them, you have to be able to absorb those contracts. This is where having money in the bank now, comes into play.

Didn’t we have money last year too? All I recall is picking up Daniels and that was it. I hear what you are saying, but fillings needs before the draft is good thing to do, so we don’t over draft a position of need.

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