Bengals trying to trade Dalton

I brought up a few times that I wasn’t 100% convinced that Cincy would draft a QB this season. My reasoning was they have passed on QB’s in recent drafts. They passed on Mahomes, Watson, Jackson and Haskins just to name a few. Also they have made it clear that they like Dalton. They have taken the approach to build up the team around Andy first. Which I think was wise.

It now appears they have given Dalton the approval to seek a trade. I think this is the obvious sign we were all waiting for. This suggests that Cincy will indeed draft a QB with their first pick. I’m now 100% convinced they will draft a QB. Will it be Burrow?

That means Chase Young will get one step closer to the Lions.

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They were always going to draft Burrow. I will be curious to see what Dalton (stafford 2.0) gets in Cinnci in a trade. Guessing maybe a #2 and a future #3. Something like that.

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Rumor was that they did explore trade offers. My guess is that no one was willing to sell the farm.

Which means that it’s unlikely the Lions get a killer trade offer. More likely an extra 2nd and not more more.

I’m starting to feel like we won’t see much movement at the top of this draft.

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let’s hope this is wrong.

Either way, we need to get this right, because next year, we’ll be picking in the high 20s :wink:


I think it’ll be much less than that cause of his contract ($17.7M). The Bengals could agree to take on some of it like the Dolphins did last year with Tannehill, but I think the compensation will be closer to that (they simply swapped late round picks) than otherwise.

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Probably all the years of draft picks that make me cringe have me thinking negatively. I hope I’m wrong too but we took a TE in the top 10 last year so …