Best QB/ Best HC won divisions

NFC East- Pederson and Wentz
NFC North- LaFleur and Rodgers
NFC South- Payton and Brees
NFC West- Shanahan and Jimmy G.

AFC East- Belichick and Brady
AFC North- Harbaugh and Jackson
AFC South- O’Brien and Watson
AFC West- Reid and Mahomes

Some people might argue with a few of the head coaches, but the only obvious exception being Russell Wilson at QB, it is easy to see the advantages these teams had over their competition.


Probably not coincidence. :wink:

A couple of notes - we will never know the answer, but would GB have won the division without officiating help?

Jimmy G is kurt cousins, IMO. A game manager surrounded by talent.

I expect the league to adjust to what Jackson is doing, much the way they did to Mahomes. I think he’ll get slowed some, next year.

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Jimmy G in 1 month on a terrible San Fran team 2 years ago, beat half as many winning teams as Stafford had in 10 years. He has the “IT” factor that Cousins and Stafford seem to lack. Like he gets his team motivated or rallies the troops sort of thing. When he went to SF, he made an immediate impact. Like night and day. I think he has that Russell Wilson blood in him.

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Time will tell. That’s for damn sure. I’m pretty jealous of what they are doing w/that team, right now. Still don’t believe in their QB, but we shall see.

Jimmy G’s career rating is 100.2, 67.5 % completion, and is 21-5 as the starter. I think that is something to believe in. If he did that as a Lions QB, won a division and the #1 seed in his first full year as the starter, there would be a statue of him in front of Ford Field and a street named after him.


pretty good shit, that’s for sure.

Garoppolo has big shoes to fill in SF. The Niners had 2 of the greatest QBs ever to play, so he is compared to Young and Montana.
Had he thrown up those numbers and wins in Detroit, he would be lauded as the greatest QB in the history of the NFL by many Lions fans.

SF= high expectations
DET= no expectations


Montana…Young…then Garcia, who was still a great QB, while in his prime. Those fans are SO lucky.

It’s crazy to see how people set their expectations, based on their own lens of the wold. You are right about that. SF wants to get to the SB. Our ppl want something between a winning record, and a playoff win. Sincerely hope they can change that. Early in the season, our guys truly expected to beat any team. You could see it all over their faces. End of season…uhhhh…nvrmind

Isn’t that the truth. They went on a 4 year run with Harbaugh where they went to the NFC championship game each year. Then things got ugly and they fell apart, rebuilt, changed a bunch of stuff, and here they are, back at it again.

Meanwhile, we are 10 years removed from our 0-16 season and are making excuses about how refs screwed us out of a 4th win this year.

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guilty as charged.

I prefer to talk about Barry though. LOL

Erin and Lafluer are illegit!

How are they illegit?
Rodgers is easily top 5 all time at the QB position.
What has Lafluer done that has been terrible? It’s not like he has stiff competition in the NFC North for best HC. He has Zimmer, Nagy, and Patricia as competition.

So much crap here and how you try and fail miserably to always attach Stafford into the take is a joke . Jimmy G has the it factor that Stafford lacks Hahahaha ……

Jimmy G went 5-0 when he landed in SF as the QB .

In those 5 games Jimmy threw 6 TD’s and 5 Int’s……

The Running Game avg well over a 100 yards a game, they also avg over 30 rush attempts per game, the run game also pitched in 6 rushing TD’s in the 5 game span

The kicking game (Robbie Gould) had 18 FGs in those 5 games

The SF Defense had 7 Forced Turnovers , the Defense allowed 2 TD’s or less in 4 of those 5 games.

When Stafford is backed by this kind of run game and Defense let me know .

For the record Matthew Stafford for his career is 45 -14 when the Defense holds the opposing team to 21 points or less…Amazing what a defense does for a QB’s win total nevermind the 45-14 record was accomplished with no run game to speak of .

Not sure for all the hate on Garoppolo.
His career QB rating is 100.0. Only 2 QBs have a higher career rating than Jimmy G…Wilson and Rodgers…two easy HOF quaterbacks.
I know Jimmy G. hasn’t played enough games to qualify, and ratings have escalated with the short passing games of the current NFL, and it isn’t the greatest stat, but it is what it is.
He is 21-5 in his career. The guy can play.
If any Lions QB went 21-5 and won a division title in his first full year in Detroit, they would be talking about retiring his number and building a statue of him in front of Ford Field.

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The refs gift wrapped 4 games (at least) for them this year.
Minnesota won the division.
If Erin is so damn good, why do the refs constantly give him Mulligan’s? Anybody can be statistically great when their shit plays aren’t counted.

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