Best response to a player demanding a trade on Social Media

Wish more GMs took this approach.


I do to. We had all the leverage with Slay. If he played like crap this year he wouldn’t get his big pay day. If he played great we had the option to franchise tag him.

Are compensation for him was kind of weak.


How are you going to say he played like crap then say our compensation was weak?

Yes, Tony Khan, shrewd businessman and exceptional GM, has had many many successes in the NFL and in the business world in general.

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Which doesn’t mean his response in this instance is the wrong response, or a bad one.


“I’m sure you’re really driving up the price today btw,”

I can’t enjoy this comment enough.

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I guess Yannick really wants to be traded…

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WOW! Owners can do that?

Won’t end well for Khan. It’s his father’s team, he’s just playing with Daddy’s toys.

Players will back their teammate over owner’s kid trying to punk a teammate.

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That’s too funny! Punk got pumped!!

What’s this dude’s contract? Meaning, if he is in his last yr or if he has multiple yrs left, will he lose money if he tried to hold out

He signed a 1 year contract for almost $18 million, and now wants more or to be traded. Screw him, he made a deal that he doesn’t want to stick by it for ONE YEAR.

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It’s a shit response. The best response? No response. Offer your offer and negotiate accordingly. If Tony Khan has ever actually negotiated a deal in his life he’d know that.

Engaging in a publicity stunt only hardens positions around things that have nothing to do with the deal. It’s stupid and if he didn’t have daddy’s money to rely on he’d get eaten alive


He hasn’t signed anything.

You don’t know what you are talking about.

He was tagged and hasn’t signed the tag. He wants to be traded.

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This player no longer wants to be there. The Jags tagged him for around $19 million but he reportedly wants more? Hard to say if that is true. But a 25 year old edge rusher who has missed 1 game in four years is mighty interesting.

Can anyone blame him for wanting out? That franchise is bad…Lions bad minus a couple winning seasons? Hard to say.

He should have told him to report to aew. His contract has been moved over to his other operations while things are down.

I think it is a great response. He’s telling him: “Act immature if you want. But, the only thing that will get you traded is compensation.” That’s fair. Then he basically told him, “Your actions aren’t increasing your worth”. In other words…Shut up. You’re hurting your value. Nobody wants a Prima Donna who throws insults on social media.

But his team sucks ass. And without the player, it will suck more ass.

Is there some sort of Pyrrhic victory tie breaker I don’t know about?

100% true. Khan should say nothing. Can’t help but laugh though. The player is now making it harder on himself.

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When was the last time anyone came out looking good in a spat on social media?
Probably never?

The organization looks more like the Mickey Mouse operation it is with this type of response.
I would lump the Browns, Jags, Lions, and Cards as the worst organizations in football. Bad owners, bad GMs, bad HCs, bad public relations.

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Then I’m wrong, I went to Sportrac and they showed a 1 year contract. And I wanted to marry a nymphomaniac who owned her own liquor store, that didn’t work out either. I assume his chances are about the same as mine were and I would like to know what he considers “fair”. He could have been offered more than he got tagged for, do we know this either way?