Better Fit: RB Cam Akers or RB AJ Dillon?

While you can make a case for either, for me I think Bo is gonna be our short yardage bruiser type so I think Akers would be a better fit

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Yards after contact is why the Bears moved up to get Montgomery. Akers is that guy this year. He is faster and has better combine numbers across the board than Montgomery. Considering OUR run blocking, getting a guy who can get his own has plenty of merit.


I watched Jonathon Taylor for 3 years just destroy the Big Ten without even having a passing game. I would love to see what he could do in the Lions offense.


They might not have had a passing game, but they did/do have an assembly line of NFL talent along their OL, and a defense that kept them from getting blown out. I really like Taylor too, but he wasn’t some disadvantaged college RB.

They are both good fits. Different runners but both are punishing types. I think Dillon could be your short yardage/goal line back. Akers more of a rbc with some receiving thrown in.

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" fit" my ass. when you have a sorry excuse for a RB group like we do (fit) goes out the damn window. we are not “refining” a GOOD RB group here , Bo needs a lot of help around him and we do not have it. still up in the air rather Kerryon can stay healthy all season , and outside of them it’s fragile flakes.
If I were to give our RB unit a grade it would be a D. Our RB group doesn’t concern any of our opponents, but it damn well SHOULD.

been reading a lot lately and liked Akers because of it. good player on a poor team. I think he would blend well with KJ in our RBBC approach. They both can do similar things and don’t tip your hand. When Bo is in there you are not worried about him in the passing game.

I like Akers a lot more then Dillon …The RB’s in order of preference for me for the Lions is…
Dobbins, Swift, Taylor , Akers , Moss , Helaire

Akers has 3 down ability the pass protection will be an issue early on for Akers …He did his thing on a fairly bad team and O-line…

KJ’s issue has been health …he is a talented kid that produces when on the field

KJ is a an easy 1000 yard rushing RB and a 500 yard receiver if he could stay healthy …

Zach Moss intrigues the hell out of me, all these RB’s are 5 ft sum to barely 6ft, my vast preference is Jonathan Taylor…but wouldn’t be upset with a number of these other backs in : Dobbins , Swift , Akers , Moss , CEH , Benjamin , Warren , McFarland , Perine , Herrien , Bellamy.

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Intrigues you my ass. We need someone who can play every down because the fucksticks we have can’t stay healthy.

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And yet Akers wasn’t a fit when I mentioned him but he is when you do. Stupid should be painful, you would be addicted to opioids.

I wasn’t putting Akers up on any pedestal as some stellar RB, I didn’t even mention him to begin with… I replied to it bc it’s an RB thread AND listed several other RB’s besides Akers. Then if that wasn’t enough Yoop, I said Jonathan Taylor is my biggest want as an RB .

Free poised the question and made the thread Akers or AJ Dillion. I just responded to it.

I named Moss that intruiges me …not Akers…try again. I do like Moss this is WHY I said “he intruiges the hell out of me as a RB.”

Yeah but he was seeing some heavily stacked boxes and no one could stop the kid.

Taylor round 2 would be my top choice.
Akers round 3 at the earliest.

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I was thinking it might not be a bad idea to draft 2 backs if we can
get a trade down…I like Akers a lot too especially if we can luck up and get him
say in the 3rd and Dillon might be a better version of thunder than Bo
being 4.53 fast and weighing 247lbs…KJ, Akers and Dillon could be an
strong Trio. And yeah I’d take Akers too over Dillon