Bezos has met with Martha; Zaret predicts will buy the Lions in 2020

And, interestingly, says he’s already been in Detroit for super-secret meetings with Martha.

On the latest edition of the No Filter Sports Podcast hosted by Eli Zaret, Denny McLain and Bob Page, a bold prediction was made by Zaret.

Immediately, the podcast starts with Zaret stating, “One step removed from the actual source, but the step is a friend who I trust totally and tells me to make this prediction. In 2020, Jeff Bezos will buy the Lions.”

Zaret added, “He (Bezos) has been here at least twice under the dark of night to have serious conversations.”

SI Lions Maven reported in early November on Bezos and his interest in purchasing an NFL franchise.

According to Jason La Canfora, Bezos has, in recent years, built close relationships with several current owners.

In fact, he even watched last year’s Super Bowl with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in Goodell’s suite.

Regarding Jeff Bezos’ ownership interests, La Canfora wrote the following:

“Regardless, he is someone who will be increasingly tied to potential franchise sales in the coming years, league sources said, and on a short list of those who could quickly execute a complicated transaction of that nature in short order.”

According to financial experts, it is not likely Ms. Ford sells the team in the near future due to the large capital gains taxes that would be owed.

For financial reasons, the family’s best interest is to remain part of the Lions’ ownership group until Ms. Ford passes away.

Then, the remaining heirs can decide if they want to sell the team.

They would amass a larger financial return at that point than if Ms. Ford sells the team right now.

The Broncos and Seahawks, according to La Canfora, are two NFL franchises that could be on the market soon.

The Lions are currently not for sale, but if the stars align in the future, the Amazon owner has the means and support to quickly purchase the team.

Could the Lions be prime for new ownership in the near future?

With 112 billion dollars to his name, Bezos could make the Ford family an offer that it can’t refuse.



Come on Ford’s. You’ve had your chance. Give someone else a shot.


This could be the best thing that ever happens to the Lions or it could be Dan Snyder part 2.

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Is this real?

I heard Stafford will outbid Bezos, he really wants be the first owner/player.


I’ve been following Eli Zaret, since the late 70s; he’s no attention-seeking kook. The part about very premliminary talks is likely true.


If he’s smart, he’ll find a banker that was once the greatest football player on any given field and make him team president.
If only there were someone that fit the bill?


The guy is a terrible businessman, he lost $35.6 billion in just this year alone!!

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Well his name is one letter from ‘Bozos’ so the lions are a good fit


Well, he should be available.

And Bezos hands the franchise key to Belichick with a $20M a year contract. This will be Brady’s last season and BB will need a new challenge in his life. He’ll even have his former DC ready to work for him again…lol

Full circle for Bill, coming back to the organization where he got his start.


Please, let this happen.


I don’t know why people are so excited about someone with zero ties to Detroit potentially buying the team.

Hello London Lions.


Why, Is the London market starving for a 3 win football team?


Because its paid off so well the way it’s been, eh?


Lions players going to have to piss in bottles during practice to hit their numbers.

Some of the guys couldn’t handle the Patriot way, let’s see how they respond to the Amazon way!

As for fans, all the food choices in the stadium are just gonna be Whole Foods. You order it on your phone in your seat and a drone delivers it to you.

Then there’s a myriad of on-field options.

Check pass delivery method;

Prime: ( )

3-Day: ( )

USPS Ground: ( )

Matt Stafford: ( )


Be careful what you wish for. I am sure his main intrest would be moving the team.



I can’t for the life of me figure out why someone who isn’t a detroiter or michigander would even SNIFF the detroit lions. But blitzman makes sense, get an NFL team on the cheap because…hey…Lions…and then move them somewhere.

I mean he’s from albequerque. He could make the New Mexico Blue Meths and then the lions don’t even have to change their colors.

so I looked up ABQ and it’s not a HUGE city but it’s decent sized.

then looked at the population…and I know I"m no math whiz but…they have over 100% population!


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Do you think Bezos would meddle in the day to day operations of the team like Snyder? I guess I picture him as more of a Paul Allen type owner if it were to happen.