Big Name Playmakers here in Detroit since 2009

Megatron Calvin Johnson got that title for his play. Darius Slay = Big Play Slay…that’s the only two in the Stafford era I can think of.

the point is this team has been woefully lacking both high quality leaders, and players…I hope Swift is another player to EARN a given name for his play.

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Golden Tate and Reggie Bush

Playmakers don’t necessarily = leaders, look no further than Slay to prove that point.

There have been numerous leaders that have strolled through here, including Mathis, Quin, Tulloch and KVB. On the offensive side, you’ve seen leadership from Burleson and Lang and to a certain degree, Raiola.

As for playmakers, aside from CJ, I’d put Tate there on offense. On defense, you can add Suh to the playmaker list.

USC Reggie or Lions Reggie?

I don’t really recall Lions Reggie doing much for us.

Tate 100%

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Reggie ran for 1,000 yards and caught for another 500 yards.

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Glover Quin


Top 100 lists in the NFL are pretty lame imo. Forty percent on this list won’t live up to previous expectations and twenty five percent will be less than pedestrian or injured for most of the year. We’ve had guys near the top of lists like this and what did it ever do for us? Players on winning teams and who play with decent players next to them usually get this type of recognition. In my opinion there are a handful of freaks in the league and the next 250 players are up and down based on a lot of things that they can’t control.

Reggie was a one hit wonder and gone…why I don’t count him… I loved Tate, but there has been animosity towards him, so again left him out…Suh?? He was ran out of Detroit as the second most-hated Lion because he was too mean and the “Suh Stomp” nobody ever let him let him forget even our own fans…

Nobody included Matt Stafford? Wow!

Shocking I know

Suh was the biggest difference maker this team has had outside of Stafford.


“Stafford era” makes me think it’s a given. Like, “who else has there been?” is the way I read it.

Fair point Wes! I’d forgotten he’d given us that level of production in 2013.

2014, not so much.

If Best had never been hurt
Levy deserves to be in the conversation. He had a handful of years where he was awesome
Matt Is a no-Brainer. Ridiculous to not include him.

Swift will be in there…watch :wink:
Okudah has a chance.
Okwara maybe more of an outside chance.

Yeah, Suh should definitely be on the list

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why our own fans screamed and moaned about him almost the entire time he was here, called him all kinds of foul crap…only Stafford , Ebron, and Pettigrew may have been bitched about more “maybe”. all other fans were calling for Suh’s head for the Suh Stomp…crying about what a dirty player Suh is and how Detroit was a dirty team.

Okudah has almost no chance, he’s not a ball-hawker, play-maker type. He’ll hopefully be a lock-down CB but I don’t know if he’ll be getting a lot of interceptions.


I think Prater has won us more games than anyone else not named Stafford.


Love Prater. So thankful Denver took their rendition of the politically correct route and gave him to us.

Not gonna lie, I loved every bit of how dirty he was

You could be right. I think of him, from an intellectual and leadership stand-point, as a Chris Speilman type. Super effort, tries really hard, as smart as a top-tier QB, and is very likely to play above what you would guess him to, given his physical tools…like Speilman.

Probowler on Guts, intelligence, determination, work ethic, relentlessness. Dude is a football player, man. Love that he’s ours.

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