Biggest weakness

What concerns me is the deep middle. Last year looking at the defensive splits we were abused by TEs and slot receivers. Davis was one of the worst cover linebackers in football

I was really hoping White would fall to us and plug him in the middle and move Davis to outside

Interestingly we drafted a LB round two (yay) but we took a really slow one who was one of the worst cover LBers in college football (boo)

If we move forward with this corps I think we really need a fast rangy safety. Diggs showed some real promise there. He was the only player in the NFL to put up 75-plus tackles, three interceptions, three tackles for loss and a pick-six. He also started the season with a bang with a pick six on our first defensive snap and ended on a high note with an interception against GB with our last

Walker also showed some flashes in limited action. So perhaps scheme and improved DB play can cover our LB deficiencies. Perhaps Quin isn’t done shaking the dice and we will see a trade for PP :yum:

Linebacker and guard.
We are a solid team, on paper! Very solid :muscle: on offense! 5 RBs with over 4.0 yards per carry last season! Two very good TE’s, two really good receivers plus Fulgham, is he a slot or a TE? Doesn’t matter does it. He’s going to make the catch.

Large breasts and aviator sunglasses.

Oh wait, misread the topic.




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Didn’t we draft one?

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We sure as hell better have traded up for a reason!


From what I read Harris could end up a nice pick. Wasn’t happy about trading up but whatevs…


I liked the Harris pick. Seen a couple of his games. He’s a punisher .


I just worry about Harris’ coverage, but then again with this defense, he probably will be a situational guy.