“Blinders, Blunders and Wars”

Biggest crime in US History.

That fucker Chalabi looked like a Cheshire cat every time. Probably from all that CIA cash and links to friends in Iraq who would pick up the pieces, which of course didn’t happen and now we have Sadr telling his flunky politicians to mow down protestors…

The chemical stuff I believe, mostly because dual use plants and the ease, relatively, of transporting Chem warfare materials Vs bio or nuke. The rest? Nah. Though trying to subvert the petro-dollar link was likely enough given his past transgressions.

I will stick with my then at the time assessment, which is we went in to have control over the Reconstruction of Iraq with the hopes of blunting or at least mitigating the shia majority power base expansion, as well as obviously 2 get things like rebuilding contracts and oil production. The last two of those looks like they worked out, but of course the more important one it looks like we’re really screwed up because here we are like I said before with the Shia and Sadr, which really means Iran, in charge.

How often did Cheney mention “Giant Mushroom Clouds” to sell the invasion?

"The NIE also said Hussein did not have “sufficient material” to manufacture any nuclear weapons and “the information we have on Iraqi nuclear personnel does not appear consistent with a coherent effort to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program.”

This group was disgusting, but were no more disgusting than Trump and his level of corruption and idiocy. WMD’s were just as idiotic as what Trump is pushing and the same gullible people supported both. The dumbing down of conservatives is responsible for a whole lot of ignorant policies.

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