I didn’t watch yesterday but I listened and it sounded like we actually blitzed a few times… A sign of things to come, or just a rookie QB?

I’m all for rushing 4 guys to pressure the QB… But we’ve seen 3 man rushes often times this year that are slow to pressure and get fatigued quickly because of the lack of rotation due to so many injuries on the DL. In 3 vs 5 scenarios the 3 will wear down fast.

The few times we’ve blitzed this year we actually been pretty damn good! QBs can’t be allowed so much time to kill us. Going back to the last 2 losses, those were QBs that you need to hit and hit often and hard to get them off their game. Week 1 Kyler Murray was way off in his first couple series and we relaxed after that.

I don’t like to blitz if we don’t need to. But, when you’re beat up on the DL and you have decent blitzing LBs and facing QBs that in the past struggled vs pressure then you need to do it a bit more. I’m not saying a lot, but get there and smack them and make them think about it!

If you’re not going to blitz at all then you better stop the damn run!

Two observations…

  1. We’ve been blitzing more than people seem to realize
  2. We’ve been less successful when blitzing than some people seem to remember

I think sometimes we blitz and get zero pressure on the QB, so people just assumed we had a 3 man rush or whatever. I’ve seen us disrupt with blitzes, and I’ve seen us get completely stonewalled like we weren’t even blitzing. I’m highly discouraged at this teams ability to put pressure on QBs.


I liked what i saw from Davis when he was blitzing. But man there are times when Jones was able to just sit back and just wait for someone to get open.

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I don’t like our defensive front to begin with. It generates zero pressure by itself and when we send either Davis or Tavai, we almost always get burned because both are pretty bad.

I know everyone makes a play now and then, but to me Davis and Flowers continue to be huge disappointments. Both showed up on the stat sheet and both made a couple nice plays, I am not discounting that, but it’s the consistency that is missing.

Here are highlights of how we made a struggling Daniel Jones look like Peyton Manning in his prime. Keep an eye out for Tavai, Flowers (pancakes) and Davis (standing around for several plays).

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Dramatic take on a D that was focused on taking away Barkley, and a QB that was allowed to have a good game, because felt he couldn’t bet them (and he didn’t).

Hope Hand is the difference here and we see more of it going forward. Refreshing to see us stop the run and get a little pass rush too.

The 2 TDs Melvin allowed he was actually tight in coverage and just missed deflecting the ball or onocking it out.

“Allowed to have a good game”? The 2 things aren’t mutually exclusive. Just because you play against a good RB, doesn’t mean you have to allow the opposing rookie QB to have the game of his life.

Dak has Zeke Elliot and still looks like trash in half his games.

Yup - nice first outing. He’ll get better too. Bryant will be coming in soon too. Daniels is practicing. Hoping Snacks injury doesn’t keep nagging him all season. If he’s going to hold out, he needs to keep fit at home, the way Suh and Barry Sanders did.

I feel like Flowers has improved. This unit comes together and everyone plays at the same time, they will improve a lot. Enough? Only time will tell. One thing we can be sure of, is they will improve.

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From Justin Rogers (DetNews):

There was this perception the Lions blitzed more, but after watching through the broadcast copy, that wasn’t the case. Fewer than 10 times. The more accurate description is they disguised their 4-man pressures, trying to confuse the Giants line and Daniel Jones.

Me: whatever works, man. Don’t know nothing about Carr or Oakland’s OL, but no pressure = no win

In a different thread, I said that I prefer blitzing defenses. I do.

Wes disagreed with me there so you can know you are getting commentary from ends of the philosophical spectrum. What Wes does have right is that this defense does send extra rushers with some regularity and that it hasn’t been as effective as it could be.

Blitzing is a talent/skill that is learned over time. I do not think we are good at it yet. I am not sure we will develop amazing blitzers because it really is a specialized skill and we value versatility. I think in this defense will never be the blood in the water frenzy that I love to watch. However, it can still be a respectable scheme. I just enjoy watching it less.

I didn’t watch but radio broadcast made it sound like they blitzed more and I think blitzing just 4-6 times is more than average in previous games I watched but can’t prove it.

When I said blitzed more I didn’t mean a lot… Just more than a couple times like we’re used to.

I don’t know if it was Hand or if it was just the way they wanted to attack the Giants, but they did move Flowers outside more to attack the edge. The first Flowers sack came with Robinson and Hand as the two interior guys and Kennard and Flowers pressuring from outside. A bit of a departure from recent games, providing a bit of space for them to work in.

I’m sorry to say that the book is out on Melvin. He’s always a step or two behind and has given up a lot of big plays (a big part of Minny’s 1st half production). My guess is that when Slay is back, Ford takes Melvin’s snaps. He has the speed and confidence to play his guys a lot closer. I just don’t know how they can leave Melvin out there.


I think the DL getting healthy will help blitzing a ton, as well as change what we can/can’t do, strategically

Agree…and …Agree. Melvin has the physical tools, but he’s not making plays. He is a big upgrade from Lawson, but he’s the weak link in the D, IMO. He’s going to get picked on, unless the DL steps up and they don’t have time to pick on him.

Did not watch the second half of GB/KC last night but in the first half they started shutting Rodgers down when they started bringing pressure from different positions. I don’t want us to blitz constantly but I did like the aggressive defense KC used and how they brought pressure from a lot of different places. You probably can’t do that as much if Devonte Adams is playing but I liked the concept. You don’t have to hit a QB every play to get him rattled. I would have liked to see us do it early against Jones to set the tone. JMO thought. We won - that is what matters.

I’m a huge fan of pressuring the QB. I think we’ve been hamstrung by injuries.

Hoping they can get healthy and smash the 2nd half of the season.

Tougher road game this week than last. Playing against an underrated QB, this week. D will have to step up, or we could lose this one. He’s very mobile, and we’re going to have to be careful on how we treat the rush. I’m guessing we’ll try to defend him the way we did with Mahommes - a very contained rush. If he escapes, it’ll have to be up the middle.

I like abusing the QB, whatever it takes to do it… 3-4 man rush or blitzing. Get there fast and hit the fucker. Break them down physically and mentally. Slow them down, make them think twice about scrambling.

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Patricia’s D puts a man in the hip pocket of every receiver most of the time. Very rarely are guys just running free. But it puts the onus on the individual defender to make the play at the moment of truth. When they win it’s great, when they lose it’s a catch.

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pathetic from the DL-to the corner backs

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The Giants QB was extremely accurate, extremely. There were several contested catches where the Lions defender was all over their guy. Rookie QB or not, he is a good player and the Giants new it once they had time to see him play. The kid will be very good

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