This is how I prefer to “blitz.” I don’t like committing extra defenders to it on a regular basis. KC had some success with it last night vs Green Bay for a few series. But once they kept doing it, Rodgers carved them up. I’m okay with some heavy “real” blitzes, but then I want to back off and pretend I’m blitzing alot. Make him feel heat that isn’t really there.

While I agree with you in principle, I don’t think Dak having Zeke is a good example. Let’s go back to Dak Prescott’s rookie year (which is what we’re talking about, a rookie Daniel Jones). Dak won 13 games, had a nearly 68% completion percentage, threw 23 TDs to only 4 picks and had a 104.9 QB rating. The win total was the most in the league, the completion percentage was 4th highest in the league, his TD throw percentage was 9th in the league, his interception percentage was 2nd lowest in the league and his QB rating was 3rd highest in the league. So unless you think Dak Prescott was a top 5 QB…I’d say he benefited from teams worrying about Zeke.

Can’t stand the three man rushes we’ve seen this year
Yesterday was much more of what I’d like to see from this defense
I think pressure is so important
I think Cousins starts dancing under pressure— I think ithe key to beating the Vikings is making Cousins uncomfortable.
I want more!!

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