Blough officially starting tomorrow

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I’m gonna need more alcohol!

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I dno, season is shot. I am excited to see what he has got at this point.

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I’m gonna tell the ol lady to get the knee pads ready. I’m gonna need something to calm me down tomorrow.


We are going to be so confused if this kid lights it up!

No tape!! But no exp…

Hell, this makes the excitement level going into the game pretty cool imho!!


Logan Thomas will be QB by the 4th.

Book it.




The flea flicker for a TD is already in Blough’s college highlight reel.
Might as well let him get his feet wet.

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Feels like a tank job. Totally…


Its like the QBs name is how I feel about tomorrow.

Reminds me of when Jeff Komlo took over when Gary Danielson went down, during my freshman college year…we ended up drafting Billy Sims the next year.

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Wish Billy Sims was available in this year’s draft. We could definitely use him!

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I know, they actually traded for this guy, so this must have been a guy Bevell signed off on wanting here. I was actually embarrassed because when Stafford went down, I thought Blough was the #2 guy.

Nice of her to pack your knee pads for you on your way to the rest stop

So sick
So funny
the way you wrote it Wes, you kinda set yourself up for that one :crazy_face:

Let the Good Times Blough …

Will he Blough it?
The future … Bloughs

Lions Headline tomorrow
or maybe
“Lions Blough Out Bears”
hmm …

Jeff Komlo … (unwelcome) blast from the past
But man, I’d LOVE to have another exciting player in the Sims mode

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This was the first real excitement I had for this team. After years of being the Viqueens bitch. We just drafted Bubba Baker, now Billy. Two studs on each side of the ball and we were on our way!

"Another one bites the dust. Hey! "

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What about Earnie!

They were trying to get Josh Johnson back. That should tell you something.