Bo Scarborough

Is anyone else illogically excited to watch Sunday’s game just to see what he can do?


Yes…until he pulls Something or breaks something and we are all reminded of why he was drafted in the 7th rd. I really hope he can stay healthy…history says no…but I’m a big fan.

Forget watching on tv…I’m going to be there in person 5 rows up 50 yard line lions side of the sideline…

This game was a lot more exciting when I got the tickets…ya know when we were 2-0-1 and had a healthy Matthew Stafford playing like an MVP…:sob:

Tried selling them but no one wanted them. :joy::joy::joy:

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I thought he was a third rounder after his sophomore year. He was really good that year. Bo has talent. He was a top 15-20 recruit out of high school. Always an impressive athlete. Just hurt a lot. If that changes, we might have something

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Agree completely. Elite talent…body not so much…you can tell when he runs…he has some pop to him

Scarbrough can be a runaway locomotive, but he needs a long track to get rolling or his effectiveness will drop sharply. Scarbrough won’t make tacklers miss, but he is a brute force who can add yardage to the end of runs. Scarbrough is a one-cut runner who is best in an under-center rushing attack where he can get carries in bunches. He has the talent to be an effective NFL running back, but durability concerns and a lack of pass catching ability could cap where teams are willing to consider drafting him. His explosive testing at the Combine could intrigue teams who had written him off previously.

Tapered, powerful physique
Is a punisher behind his pads
Can absorb solid blows and keep runs alive
Will always fall forward once he gets a head of steam behind him
Plays with steady tempo
Has surprising ability to gather weight and cut sharply downhill as outside zone runner
Generally comfortable making reads and choosing track from I-formation
Tackling him high ends poorly for defenders
Able to create additional yardage through power and long speed
Able to batter defenses late in game and then hit the chunk play
Short yardage touchdown specialist who can leap up-and-over the pile
Had dominant stretch against Auburn, Florida, Washington and Clemson late last year
Can thump in blitz pick-up
Hasn't had to handle a heavy workload thanks in part to Alabama's committee approach


Plays with upright running style
Frame too accessible for big hitters looking for a slab of ribs
Durability is a major concern
Has suffered through multiple lower body injuries dating back to high school
Long strider who needs a long runway to get to top speed
Doesn't have bend and footwork to string moves together
Too big and leggy to counter sudden penetration in backfield and needs runs to stay on schedule
Impatient with a penchant for crowding lead blockers and eliminating his own escape routes
Burst and feel for running lanes is below average
Defenders got hands on him much earlier in the carry than his teammate Damien Harris
Missing second-level vision to play chess against linebackers

Sources Tell Us

“He’s in the old school mode of big and physical with no third down value as a pass catcher. Give him room and he’s trouble but how is he going to get yards if he has a bad line in front of him?” - Former NFL offensive coordinator

It’s not illogical at all.

As I’ve been watching replays this year, I’m seeing some bad decisions by our RB’s. I think we watched some better decisions last week with Bo. I’d like to see how that continues to look and how our ranking and valuation of the OL develops. We’re a top-10 pass-blocking team but a bottom 10 run-blocking team. Let’s see how a better runner with patience to follow his blockers does.

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I’m excited to see the kid play as well. And has been said, his power inside running is a good compliment to Driskel’s speed.

I said it before we picked him up. Teams completely overthought Bo Scarborough. Where he should have been drafted is debatable. The fact that the kid belonged on an NFL roster is not debatable.

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Have you looked closer at the game yet? I noticed more patience during the game than we’ve been getting but have only looked at defensive snaps on replay, so I don’t know if my live-game impressions are accurate.

I will need to see more than one game to make a fair assessment, but one thing I didn’t see a lot of was the opposing defense Consistently getting into our backfield before our RB could really get going. This more than anything is probably why Bo looked decent and the other guys not so much

Bo is the only interesting thing about the Lions right now and, with all due respect to Bo, it’s really not that interesting.

Driskell is interesting too, I think. Sad, but those two guys are like the only reason to keep watching this season. Okay maybe Bryant too. Might be a small handful in total.


I’ve been think that part of the reason the league couldn’t figure him out is the kind of back he that he is.

You see him and you think he’s going to be consistently dominant in between the tackles but he runs high, has pedestrian acceleration and doesn’t protect his legs. He’s just a guy in that capacity.

BUT he’s a home run hitfer. At the second and in particular third levels he’s dynamite. 4.5 flat speed, big, powerful stiff arm, nice hurdle move when defenders go for his feet. In that Washington run his Sophomore year he showed a ton of creativity. Two insane runs in that game.

Bevell needs to be creative at getting Bo into space. That’s where he’s best. Given his build you’d think it should be otherwise.


Tavai, Harris, and see if something “clicks” for Crosby since can unload one of the two $10-12M OTs we have in the books next year who are underwhelming…preferably Wagner.

You are overthinking things just like NFL GMs did.