Bob Quinn Bashed for how he built the defense

I love how local reporters are always quoting some anonymous NFC north personnel man.

Who is this man?

Anyway he is bashing BQ on how he built the Lions defense big and slow.

Your thoughts?

We desperately need more speed at LB

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He fucked the bed by taken a TE in round one. He shit his pants on the Flowers signing
He bitched slap him self on the Diggs trade
He is a awful gm.

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Agreed for years I have watched and it looks like our lbs are running in mud while te/slot/rb are running on a track right by them

Was at the minny game this year and I told my brother it was like a 3rd and 5 or something I said watch kyle Rudolph will be wide open and boom play happens and kyle Rudolph is wide open

lol … His approach in the last draft and FA really made me scratch my head and doubt him as a GM.

Taking a TE in the top 10 was just insanely stupid. He had several trade down offers and rejected them all because he had to have TJ. Like Mayhew I think drafting a TE top 10
Will ultimately be BQs downfall.

I honestly think BQ’s biggest draft flaw is he falls in love with certain players. He then over drafts them. He over drafted TJ, Davis and Tabor. Not to mention a few others.

The team desperately lacks difference makers. I’ve been saying this for 3 years now.

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I don’t see the heavy criticism for Quinn. I don’t think Hockenson was a bad pick as he may end up being one of the top TE’s in the game. Personally I do not like taking a TE that high from a positional value perspective, but teams rarely get hurt taking good football players like Hockenson. Outside of the Davis/Tabor fiasco when I really wanted TJ Watt and a top RB, he has been solid. Most of our drafts have been good. Our number of wins was not indicative to our overall talent level, which isn’t bad. If Hand and Daniels were healthy our pass rush would have looked a whole lot different. Even our LB crew was much better every time Davis was off the field. How he is allowed to start is beyond me?

Having FA before the draft is a bad idea IMO. What it does is pigeon hole teams into deciding which way to go before knowing who is going to be available. It makes you very vulnerable to teams jumping ahead of you and taking the last quality option to fill a specific need.

Bob McGann (The Athletic) has been writing some really good articles about the NFC North. This is taken from the article on Personnel and Coaches.

I 100% agree with the assessment. I don’t think its meant to be all bad. But we do need some speed.
Kennard needs to be upgraded with somebody that gives them an edge somehow. I’ve always seen Kennard as just a guy. He isn’t a great SAM but he can’t really edge rush either.

And IMHO part of this too is why they fired the LB and secondary coaches. We have major issues with our ILBs covering the pass. Neither guy can do it well. We have much better speed with our safeties but both have the same problem as Davis which is they haven’t figured it out yet so they aren’t flying around the field like they probably will once it starts to click for them. Then we also had speed issues with Coleman and Melvin was incredibly inconsistent.

What if Hockenson becomes elite HOF worthy? Would he be worth the pick then? People always say you don’t take a OG early in the draft, I’m sure the entire league would take Quentin Nelson now in the top five. Rob Gronkowski was a 2nd pick because team screw up, and so was Randy Moss. In a do over both players go top 5 if not number 1.


The Lions have remade the entire OL, DL with the switch to mostly 3-4 and turned over most every position group in a short period of time. Outside of Stafford - Golladay, Jones and Amendola are all since Quinn at WR, all of the RB’s are new, all of the TE’s are new which means the entire offense is new since Quinn took over behind Stafford. On Defense who is actually still here pre Quinn - Slay, Reeves-Maybin? Big and slow on the DL was mostly due to injury with Hand, Daniels, Okwara and Flowers early. Yes we need a speed guy off the edge and they just missed on draft day. There are only so many things a GM can do and you don’t get to fill positions with top talent just because you want to. If the Lions really want to get faster on defense I could see a draft like this:

TD - #5/6 + 2nd and 1st or 2nd in 2021

  1. LB Simmons
  2. WR Johnson
  3. RB Taylor
  4. ER Okwara

This upgrades our pass rush, LB play, pass coverage, WR group and Running game! I would keep Amendola and look for a top speed pass rusher in FA like Fowler. The thing that could put a monkey wrench in it is the possible retirement of Snacks. It would put pressure on them getting someone like Brown in the first round.

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I hate this argument. It’s very flawed. It’s like saying if we draft a long snapper 3rd overall and he turns out to be a probowl LS then it’s a good pick. No it’s not. It never will be. It will still be a bad pick. Why? because they have a much smaller impact on the game.

BQ could have traded down (he turned it down) and could have gotten a high quality LBer or Edge guy and used that extra pick to get a TE like Irv Smith.

Bad decision Bob.


“Only so many things a GM can do”- JRlions

So exactly what has Bob fixed here:
TE?..nope, outside of Hock who we got?
Coaching…a nope.

I dont know what he’s really done here but made this team worse.

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I disagree with the premise that TE isn’t a critical position in today’s game. The two problems with the Hock pick are: 1:) there isn’t much correlation between high draft status and greatness at that position 2:) his rookie contract makes him a highly paid for the position,

If he ends up being great. None of it matters. We’ll know more next year. If we can consistently get good Hock the pick should work out okay. Hopefully durability isn’t becoming a problem


Hockenson will always be a double edged sword for Quinn. If he turns out to be an all-pro he looks like a genius. If he is just an average player (not even a bust), he looks like a fool.

I wouldn’t have taken Hockenson if I made the decisions, but because the risk would never match the reward, I just don’t see it happening.

yep I agree. Hockenson, while I"m sure is a fine TE, isn’t gronk. a TE that high in the draft needs to be gronk. someone you cannot scheme for. at this point hockenson is marginally better than what we already had on the roster (or used to have, I liked Fells). not to mention none of the other guys got themselves dunked on their heads for a stupid leap over another player.

IMO a top 10 pick should be an immediate impact player, with some caveat to taking a QB, but if it’s a QB it better have all world promise.

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You right, a long snapper is not worthy of a 3rd round pick pro-bowler or not; However, A WR or a LT are worthy of being a top 5 pick. Your assessment of a TE not affecting the game couldn’t be more wrong. A LT protects the blind side of a QB, also run block for a RB. A WR runs route, catch passes from the QB, and on occasions helps out in the Running game. What does a TE do? Well, if you take both the LT and WR position you fuse them into one, you get a TE. If both of those positions worthy of a top ten pick, How could a TE not be? If they both affect the game, why not a TE.

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Your missing the point. A top 10 TE is bad value because of their limited impact on the game and the poor value. Meaning you can get just as good a player at a much lower cost. The same reason you rarely see an OG taken in the top 10. It’s bad value. You can always find near equal or even better value later in the draft. You can’t say that for DE’s, QBs, and OT’s. The best ones usually come early in the draft.

Case in point.

Hock - 32 Rec 367yrds and 2 TD’s (#8)
Fant - 40rec 562yrds and 3 tds (#20)
Dawson - 28 rec 388yrds 2 tds (#96)
I. Smith - 36rec 311 yrds 2 tds (#50)

BQ had several trade down offers.

He could have traded down and taken.

Brian Burns - Who has more speed off the edge 4.53 and at OLB than Tavai who is rather slow at a 4.86.

Round two he could have taken I. Smith. Who the drop off from Hock is marginal.

Then had an extra pick to get another player like RB Singletary.

Even if Hock turns out to be significantly better than Smith, Fant or Knox (which he may not) it is hard to imagine he will be better than Smith and Player B combined.

Besides I’d take Burns and Smith over Hock and Tavai anytime. Give me another player to boot and it’s a no brainer.

This is what the NFL personnel guy is saying. BQ built his defense around slow LBers. He had faster and better options but chose to go TE instead.


Sorry but the scheme is so broken it wouldn’t matter who we drafted. Ive never seen a less aggressive front in all my life.

Air2thrown is right.

How many of the top teams in this league have taken a TE in the top 10 of draft?

Travis Kelce lead the Tight Ends with 97 receptions, he only had 5 TD’s…5!
Golladay had 11 TD’s.

Tight Ends are not “playmakers” per se, they are grinders. Very few can “take it to the house” on any given play, Gronk was really the only guy that could ever do that because of his physical nature but most Tight Ends aren’t fast enough to outrun guys or agile enough to make DB’s miss.

I just can’t fathom how people can justify taking a Tight End in the top 10 of the draft. It’s not done by good teams, it’s not been done with success, it just doesn’t have value.