Bob Quinn - he's over his head

Sorry, I’m officially off the Bob Quinn bandwagon. I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt too many times.

Drafting Tabor, drafting a Tight End in the top 10 of the draft, signing Diggs and then drafting his replacement a few months later.

It’s clear to me that Quinn is over his head. He wants to be smart like Billicheck but there’s only one BB and Quinn is clearly not him or even a mere semblance of him.

Add Quinn to the list of inept GM’s we’ve had. Millen, Mayhew, and now Quinn.


The list is much longer than that!


Yeah, I know. I just don’t find myself caring enough to list them all.

I had my doubts when Quinn was hired but wanted to give him time to prove himself…he has.

I think he might prove to make Mayhew look smart.


I’m willing to give Quinn a little more time. He’s had his misses for sure—-some of them big—-but he’s also had some hits.

In 2106, Decker, GG, and A’Shawn were pretty solid selections.

2017 was pretty rough except for Davis and Kenny G. Golladay was a HUGE hit.

2018 shows promise with KJ, Hand, Ragnow, and Walker. Some injury concerns there to be sure but also some good talent.

Make no mistake though, BQ and MP are tied at the hip. Let’s see where our Lions stand after next season.

I hope they can get this team going.


I forgot to mention the 2019 class. Tavai looks like a great find. Hock will be a beast, I truly believe.

We’ll see what Harris and Ty have in store over the next few years. I think they both will be solid contributors, with Harris probably having a bigger impact.

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yep ready to give Quinn one more offseason and see what pans out , I want to know what is going to happen to fix the defense that is crippling this team ! more…AND I want to see what happens with Paul Pasqualoni.

I don’t think anything is going to happen to Pasqaloni. He’s Matty P’s version of Mooch’s Ted Tollner

Wolf—right there with you bud.

Paul P needs to go, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Atleast Flowers is starting to flash as of late.

I think Bob and Matt should get one more year and be evaluated after next year. I didn’t think we were going to the SB this year but I thought we might make the playoffs, can’t believe how bad the defense has been this year. I’ve been following this team for 55 years. Luckily I’m a Brady fan from Michigan days so I’ve had some good to cheer for.

Paul P is over his head defensively -speaking, even though he doesn’t think so because he has changed nothing and made zero adjustments since our 31st ranking…getting burned by rookie QB’s half the season. Matt is HC not DC , but I know he suggests doing things this way or that to help correct the mess, but I don’t see Paul budging and the two are not on the same page

IF I’m HC I let PP go & take over @ DC more so than JUST a straight HC…and Let Quinn & Bevell work on Offense and off season draft picks, free agency, and that WITH a little input from Patricia to. but right now, the team is fractured and the Defense is going to sink any remaining chances to win UNLESS we are VERY lucky going on this season.

Does Tavai lose all value if we’re forced to switch schemes after firing Patricia?

The reverse KVN, if you will.


Absolutely not, we’ll trade him for a 5th round pick to a Superbowl contender and celebrate!


Tavai has value in any scheme. That’s part of what they liked about him.


Then the pre-draft comparisons to KVN were way off.

No, I think Tavai skills are specific to a 3-4…possibly he could play Mike in a 4-3 but he wouldn’t offer much flexibility outside that.

I think it’s a possibility. We have some versatile dudes that could transition, but Tavai may not be one of 'em. I dunno - Ask @wesleysh21 he could give you a better answer.

Wait till next year!
To stop being the joke of the NFL.


No doubt whoever the next GM and head coach hires are will cause a transformation of epic proportions and we will become instant winners from here to Eternity. I know this because of the overwhelming evidence of how often it’s happened each time we’ve blown it up before. :slight_smile:

I think many posters are over there heads You are pissed off i get it but you have no idea about Quinn’s job…You sit back as fans an its your right to complain . You make a list of things you don’t like or hindsight complaints.

How many can list the number of injuries an who would be injured How many can list the calls that went against lions how many can list the dropped passes the fumbles the INTs I could ask for more lists The Point is he can only do what he see’s is best for the team he doesn’t have a crystal ball like maybe some fans do. Am I happy with way things have gone Hell No is it all on him Hell No

Express you complaints that are fact not hind sight I can handle that but to complain based on your own personal feelings is wrong. If he is Over His Head then so are You an That is a fact


I was skeptical from the beginning on Quinn. He has done nothing to show me he is a good GM. He’s no Millen, I will give him that. But better than Millen shouldn’t be the bar we are aiming for. His drafting and FAs have been underwhelming. He has one great pick in Golliday and a bunch of guys who range from average to bust.

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