Bob Quinn on trade possibilities for Slay and Stafford

Well I think this says a lot about Slays situation.

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Bob Quinn is a bad GM. Period. He replaced a winning coach with a losing one, because they worked together. We have taken a BIG step back. At least we were a borderline playoff contender. Now we’re the third worst team in the league. And we have no players to hang our hats on.


He also said this Air. I think he was doing one of his “we are exploring all possibilities” talks to the media. The master of vagueness. :upside_down_face:


Winning HCs win SBs… Above .500 means as much as below .500 if neither is winning a SB…

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To be fair, he’s not in the middle of a renegotiation with Stafford, nor is Stafford holding out, or threatening to hold out.


For Slay to accept an extension with Detroit, is he more likely or less likely to do it once his value has been established? There won’t be a trade w/o an extension, a “sign and trade”, no team is going to make a move on him with 1 year left on his contract. So the Lions are doing his shopping for him, they can credibly say, “This is what you’re worth.” From the Lions POV, hey, if someone goes all in with some draft picks you should hear them out. If there’s not enough to move the needle then Slay should know that what he is being offered is based on true market value and make your best deal with the Lions. I do NOT support letting him walk, which was not my original reaction when I hear he wanted to be the highest paid CB in the league. The more I thought about it we made Stafford the highest paid QB in the league, why shouldn’t we make the same deal with Slay? He will only be the highest paid for a year, count on it. Would like to see him end his career as a Lion.

This is it. Seeing what the market will bear for Slay helps both parties, whether Slay stays or goes. I too want him to stay. We’ll see.


Here’s an update on Stafford. It sounds very encouraging too.

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That’s funny - Thanks for sharing I didn’t catch that one.

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Great finds Air. It’s great hearing stuff about what’s going on. Sometimes Meinke will “add” to his tweets in the comment sections. That what he did in this situation.

I would too.

I think he brings more value as a home grown player than the money and draft pick would.

Just pay the man BQ.

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Within reason. Don’t overpay the man.

I like how Stafford said the back injury ‘was a freak thing,’ despite the fact he’s had back injuries two years in a row.

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What would be “overpaid” in your opinion?

What fans think is overpaid is going to have to thrown out of the window moving forward especially if the CBA is agreed to before free agency.

I think people will be surprised to see what he gets.

If it’s more a year than it would cost to tag him next year, it’s too much.

And that’s actually the leverage they have when they make a deal.

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It is absolutely hilarious how coddled Stafford is in Detroit, vs. what he’s accomplished here.

Of Slay Quinn admits he’s exploring his options.

Of Stafford, Quinn snivels and begs Matthew not to believe it.

Give me a break.

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