Bob Quinn’s “secret” draft board

Very interesting read. I’ve been trying to take into account the type of player we want at different positions and this article matches up surprisingly well with my own take. A lot of familiar names I have researched near the tops of these lists.

Interesting! Ideally, Quinn would love to draft this way but unfortunately, the wins haven’t been there. I love this system of drafting. Quinn waiting around with Caldwell and thought it would buy him more time
I always thought the lions value chase young low

I enjoyed that.

Thanks for sharing.

Pretty cool. One thing that was HUGE this year with all the crazy going on is being able to coach that Senior Bowl. These guys with the great measurables like Chase Claypool and Denzel Mims but so-so production…they coached those guys. They know what they are about.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we drafted a lot of the guys we worked with, even moreso than other years.

I agree … I figure at least two picks will be senior bowl picks.

Then it makes more sense to trade down. And get extra picks. Everybody we so call like okudah, Dobbins etc, are valued low.
I like Robinson Syracuse, Harrison osu and Simpson from Clemson. Fans may not like it but the meat of this draft is in the lower bottom and the top of 2-3 rds