Bob Quinn speaks on why he cut Diggs and Snacks

So Bob Q. Was asked why he paid Diggs and Snacks with a contract only to cut them a year later. Here is what he said … he was so clear and transparent about it. It’s all makes sense now … lol

they’re both different situations," Lions general manager Bob Quinn said Tuesday at the NFL combine. "I think each player has different reasons why you move on or why you sign extensions. Things change from year to year

Ok I got it. It’s a year to year evaluation process. But isn’t it your job to predict and plan for that?

This is a very, as you guys know probably more than anybody, this is an up-to-the-minute business. …

Ok wait so it’s not a year to year situation? It’s more minute to minute. Well in that case can I sign for 10mil? You can fire me a minute later.

So guys change, their skill set changes, stuff changes in the building. Everything changes, so that’s why we try to evaluate everybody constantly, and it’s really a day-by-day business.

Wait a second. It’s now day to day? Players skill sets change from day to day? Ok this is starting to make a lot of sense.

Are you all following what he’s putting down?



This is all you need to know. The rest is fodder.


I think Quinn has set the franchise back in his tenure. But I will give him credit: He doesn’t waste time. He will cut bait in a New York minute. At least that’s admirable.


Only one flaw in your response Air. It’s “Are you picking up what he’s laying down”.

Concerning Diggs the Lions moved him to strong safety in 2017 late in the season and he played well. Bob Quinn rewarded Quandre with an extension in 2018 IN SEPTEMBER. That is important. Before the start of the regular season and Patricia’s first season.

Diggs was just okay in 2018.

In 2019 Diggs was terrible. And the Lions traded him mid-season.

When you pay a guy well for his position it is reasonable to expect buy in. It seems clear Diggs took the $ but also didn’t gel here under the new defensive scheme. But further, I get the sense Diggs choose to not look hard at his own play and effort in 2019.

I am fine trading Diggs as the return on that investment wasn’t paying off.


No one has ever known when to let a guy go better than BB. Is he always right, no but more so than any one else out there. To me BQ tries, and fails, to be as smart as his old boss. Whether it’s moves like these 2 or drafts like taking a slow CB .
Stop trying to be BB #2 and just do your job, my guess is he’s not really sure how

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Moving on from Snacks is absolutely the right thing to do, no question about it. You can pick up a hint or two from yesterday’s interviews that a great deal of rehab and conditioning was going to be required for him to get to form, perhaps more than Snacks is capable of at his age. Thus, his release. The only bad guy here is father time.

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The worst quality in a GM is being afraid to make decisions that make you look bad. Making quick changes when it is needed is a good quality in a GM. You can certainly question why Diggs was signed, but if Patricia decided he wanted to go another direction it happens. Diggs play dropped off significantly.

I would be more critical if he was trying to keep a square peg in a round hole to justify his decision.

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Next question, why after four years under your guidance is this team steadily and visibly getting worse!
And the next, why can’t you scheme to fit great players and their changing skill sets!


Oh, you mean like Jarrad Davis…


I think you missed the part about Diggs playing at a pro bowl level and being the primary reason Seattle made the playoffs. The coaches here couldn’t figure out how to put a great player in position to make plays.

I didn’t miss anything. Diggs was terrible here in 2019. And in 2018 he was just okay.

It is easy to say well the coaches could not get great production out of him so it is their fault. But I don’t buy that totally. Was Diggs better in Seattle? Yes. But why? I believe effort of the player has to be somewhere in that mix.

Look… I get sometimes players don’t like dirty work. Space eating blockers or tackling as a safety. In basketball boxing out, rebounding and hustling matter too,

Point is Diggs didn’t like doing what this staff wanted him to do. This defense has had plenty of great safeties come and go and to me Diggs decided that isn’t how he wanted to play. Now he is gone and I am cool with that. He stunk here in 2019. One can blame the coaches but clearly the player also shares in the blame too.

lol … I’m just making fun of how he contradicts himself all the time and never really says anything. He’s always making statements like this.

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I don’t even know why we have press conferences anymore, these guys don’t say anything. It’s all pointless really.


Name dropper…

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Not that I want to get into a Diggs debate but … did you follow what SEA did and said after they got him?

First they stated he was hurt far worse than BQ and the Lions advertised. They could have rejected the trade due to medical but they still felt he was worth it.

Pete Carroll said Diggs had blood drained from his hamstring for relief and that his injury is worse than what the Seahawks believed when they acquired him

Second thing they did was shut him down. Then brought him back when he was healthy and it paid off for them.

We just figured let’s get him back and not just kind of [limp his way through] said Carroll.

The Lions played Diggs hurt, his play suffered and the injury wasn’t healing. Truth is they did the same thing to Snacks. His injury nagged all season long.

I feel the Lions miss managed both situations. How these injuries were handled says a lot about the Lions organization. But … let’s be honest here. Diggs wasn’t traded because of his play or because he was injured. He was traded because our HC didn’t know how to manage his personality. The same reason I expect Slay to be shipped out.



BQ is shipping talent out faster than he can bring it in. On what planet does that seem like a winning strategy?


Planet Stan Van Gundy


Bob Quinn needs to go I have next to no faith he will do much of anything to truly improve this team. I am in wait and see mode, but Quinn is every bit as cringeworthy as Patricia.


He may have fit what they wanted to do better, but he was horrible in Detroit in 2019. He is a guy who is good in short spaces, but can be easily outmatched by speed.