Bob Quinn

Root need to be cleaned before we rebuild again

Let go Diggs
Let go Warford
Let go Reiff
Let go the doctor line man doing good with 49 ers
Let go vannoy
Let go ebron
Quinn holding to Levy
Megatron’s bonus
Quinn trading Tate
Signing Lang, he was washed out already
Paying so much to ansah to keep for 1 year
Paying so much to snack to keep for 1 year
Paying so much to dl mcdaniels
amendola too much money for 1 year
Hockenson cant catch
reached too early to pick tabor

PS Bring back Alex Smith’s valet

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This is comedy gold. Please keep this guy around. This place needs a good laugh every now and then.


With all due respect, even though I could make a much longer list of Quinn phuckups, this list has quite a few that don’t belong.

For instance “let go safety Quinn”. You mean QUIN, who retired 5 minutes after he left here?

Quinn retired,good point.But quinn retired seeing our defensive scheme

Should we send all our defensive line man in coverage?

Then referee can stand in the defensive line of scrimmage to get a good vision