Bob Quinn's rating according to one Pundit

Scathing. Do you agree?

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In the ranking, Daughtery gives Quinn less-than-flattering remarks about GM’s handle on the position, saying, "How about instead of co-opting someone else’s identity, you create your own? This is the Detroit Lions. It’s going to take a big thinker to turn things around. Quinn only seems capable of copying someone else’s thoughts

Writes Daughtery: "Do you have strong feelings about Bob Quinn? Does anybody? Where are the impact players? Where is the plan other than cycling through people Bill Belichick allowed to walk in free agency? Why was Jim Caldwell fired after back-to-back 9-7 seasons only to be replaced by Belichick’s least impressive mini-me, Matt Patricia? Nothing has gone right for Caldwell since his Patricia galaxy brain, with Patricia proving more adept at chasing off talent (Darius Slay, Quandre Diggs) than cultivating it.

"Not that Quinn has been killing it. His 2017 first-round pick, Jarrad Davis, just had his fifth-year team option declined. Quinn continues to over-invest in the running game. To a comical degree — Trey Flowers, Duron Harmon, Justin Coleman, Danny Shelton, Danny Amendola and literally eight others — Quinn only seems interested in ex-Patriots on the trade and free agent markets.

Gezz has there ever been a truer article ?
People around here are gonna hate hearing the truth . But take about getting to the point. This guy put pee wee right we’re he belongs.


“B-b-but this year’s draft on paper!”

“I still believe Hockenson is going to be a star!” (Like those other teams’ star TEs taken in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds.)

“We had the lead in almost every game!”

“It’s too soon to judge (pick a bust Quinn pick).”

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Nope. Nearly all the former Patriots are defensive players and it’s a complex defense. Many NFL players are prima donnas and to go after players from NE or from Bama that are not, is not brainless, it’s a plan to change the culture from players who whine about having to practice in the cold, to players that put their heads down and operate without complaining and trying to subvert the staff in the lockeroom. His record hovers around .500 and he only had his franchise QB for half of last season. I don’t consider that worst in the NFL level. Where is Caldwell now and the guy who hired him? In lower positions than Quinn and Patricia respectively. I’m not saying Quinn has been an ace. He hasn’t, but NFL worst? No, teams drafting ahead of us have been worse. Some of them didn’t lose their starting QB for half of last season. “Over investing” in a running game that was worst in the NFL level prior to him taking over? Gee, imagine that! With two 2nd round draft picks, some cheap FA vets and a couple late rounders?? That is overinvesting?? Please.

Would we have won a playoff game last year with Stafford? Probably not, but we’d have been a lot better in the W/L column IMHO.


I honestly didn’t think anyone thought Quinn was anything other than awful.
Is he the worst in the league? Does it matter? He has shown his ineptitude for sure.


Name me 5 worse GM’s over the last 5 years?..go!

He’s not inept and he’s not the worst in the league
Snags, you always pull the same routine
Someone’s gotta do something for you
Then you’ll do your best to pick at it and say their full of shit
No point in engaging in that game
If they stink up 2020, then the verdict will be in

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Quinn was ranked LAST so to back my assertion all I really need is ONE. By putting the criteria at “the last 5 years” conveniently weeds out some GM’s like John Dorsey of the Browns who was just fired, but I’ll tell you who is worse than Quinn that does meet your criteria. Mike Brown, Tom Telesco, Steve Keim and David Caldwell. Quinn is not worse than the guy who fired Bruce Arians, then hired Steve Wilks then fired him after one season after sticking him with a rookie QB Josh Rosen, then hired Kliff Kingsberry. Jim Caldwell wasn’t no Bruce Arians!

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Like I mentioned, does it matter if he is the absolute worst or not?
He hasn’t been good. That is enough for me.
He did inherit a solid coach in Caldwell and a top 10ish QB along with some decent talent from Mayhew.
He fired a guy who had 3 out of 4 winning seasons to bring in the train wreck known as Matt Patricia. That alone tells me all I need to know about Quinn.


What’s your proof?
His record?
Team morale?
Draft record?
You can say he doesn’t suck but everything points to that he does.

Arians is going to have a good team and players are wanting to play for him, more than what can be said for MP I’m afraid.

I’m not going to engage
As I said, this year will be the final exam for Quinn and Patricia
Saying they’re incompetent and so forth is ez right now
And you may be right
Either way, it really doesn’t matter at this point

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Players wanted to play for Caldwell too.
Patricia…not so much…starts a conflict with all of his best players…great coaching style there Matt.

Been saying this since Tom Moore left.
We’ve had one fad after another, but, never an innovator of our own.

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It’s a suggestive question to begin with man. Did you ask who had the worst record who was a GM for the past 5 years in a row? No you didn’t. You can add those up and still make my point if you’d like. But having a few games better of a record and playing in worse divisions would be things to consider if one asks: Who was worse. There is a lot of criteria for that and what you asked was for my opinion, and I gave it to you. I could probably do a deep dive and stack a couple more, but again all I need to find is one to make what I said about the article correct, and I feel pretty comfortable that I have.

Our best players are still here and they aren’t pansies who whine about outdoor football practice.

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Sure…pick a fight with the only All Pro player on the roster. That makes a lot of sense.

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I didn’t write the article, just saying when you look at the big picture and all the GM’s, Quinn is right near the bottom.

That’s what asking for help from your opposition will get you.
But, I guess the other 31 owners aren’t opponents?
It’s freakin embarrassing!
First admit you’re ignorant.
Then prove you’re stupid.