Bob "smartest guy in the room" Quinn

“I wonder if I can get Vince Wilfork to come out of retirement”.


Pee wee herm and this is the big top !

Can we please not descend into this kind of bullshit?


after 60-odd years of abject futility, maybe we needed to hire a rocket scientist for a HC;

after all, the CIA had to smuggle how many Nazi rocket scientist into NASA to get us to the moon, and look how long it took them?

not saying we should hire any, but more than one billionaire owner and puppet commissioner has been known to have fascist tendencies in the history of the NFL;

just that it’s going to take one rocket scientist more than three years to turn this crap cart around;

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Wish I made the cash he makes!

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I just wanna know what the heck these guys are looking at over there --------->>>???

A reporter asking them a question.:man_facepalming:t2:

He really is a buffoon. Or a genius, if it nabs us TLaw!

They see “virus” people…!

Can this regime not descend the Lions back to the Millen years? Oh wait, we’re already there.


I agree: he shouldn’t be allowed to take this franchise back to some worse bull💩

Hi to DaleMotown !!! welcome back , good to hear from you.