Bossa, Kittle and Wilson

Bossas hit was cheap shot today . I cant understand the hype bossa and kittle are getting . When kittle was injured earlier this season ,all the camera shots was towards kittle who was sitting in the box . Bossa first need to prove that he can be durable for few years . Both these players need to prove for some time before getting annointed.Wilson when he talks sound artificial


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He no English good… He football smart is not


I will respond to you after the game finish he he

I unna…unna…I got it! lmao!!

Can you imagine the Hags if they had an online?
Bet they’d love Glasgow and Decker.

Bet they have Glasgow next year and he flourishes there just like other former Lions have done. I’m so pissed that we finally got a pick right, developed him correctly, and now we don’t want to pay him. What a great ‘vision’ for short term and long term success…

The Lions organization has no vision, top to bottom.