BQ thinks Halapoulivaati Vaitai can play OG at high level

So should we be prepared for an OT at 3OA?


OT would be a far better selection than Okudah. Becton tested positive for a banned substance at combine it was just announced.


Agreed. Which tackle though?

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I could see Willis or Wirfs at 3 I’m not as high on Becton as some.Willis is more of a polished product right now but Wirfs may have a higher ceiling.If we get stuck at 3 I wouldn’t be upset with either one of these guys.

I’d say Wills


Draft could change that?

Was it bacon grease?

If they want to replace Decker in 2021 they should be looking at a LT.

Maybe Andrew Thomas? He could play RT year one then move to LT. Not my preferred option but just trying to guess what Quinn would do.

Wills is a RT also, of the top OT in the draft. He had Tua’s blindside. That would be my guess if we went OT at 3.

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Or trade down with Raiders and take Kinlaw/Henderson with the 1st and an OT Thomas/Cleveland with the 2nd 1st rounder.

You think Thomas makes it to 19?

Hmm. Plot thickens. Maybe draft a guy like Hunt RT/OG and let them figure it out.

It’s April. 6 days left until the draft, don’t put any credence on what anybody says. I do think it’s likely though that the Lions could draft an OT. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t try to slide Tyrell Crosby over to OG, I didn’t think he was very good at OT. Not too sure there any OGs in the draft that could start in their 1st year.

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We could go ahead and let him simultaneously play RG and RT, essentially replicating the Ricky Wagner effect

I’d be very happy with Thomas at 3

If he is the 4th OT taken, there is a chance he is there.

That would surprise me. There are rumors that the Giants like him at 4.

No on Henderson Kinlaw yes an Thomas yes

The guy I feel most confident about is Cushenberry. He played against the cream of the crop Dlinemen throughout his career (39 games worth). Another C/G, like Glasgow and Ragnow before him. Plug him in at RG day one and we are better than last year IMO.

Good draft for OT’s, crappy draft for OG’s. Lot’s of OT’s have moved to guard, almost never the other way around. I would absolutely go OT, but I don’t think you need to be in a hurry. 3rd round.