BQ thinks Halapoulivaati Vaitai can play OG at high level

A couple years back or so, there were some articles and commentaries written and videos made about college OLs entering the pros and how different the game is at the next level. Several former GMs and coaches talked about how many college linemen don’t play with their hand in the dirt as much, and they get by with superior strength or agility. Which won’t work in the NFL cuz the guys across from you in this league are just as big and quick and powerful as you are, maybe more so.

So, it falls back on techniques, which so many guys aren’t familiar with. It takes time, although it depends somewhat on which college you went to and how good you are. Guys like Ragnow and Decker did okay in their first year, maybe they were better trained than guys from other schools with a different offense and different blocking schemes. Upshot is, The Lions may draft a Cushenberry or a Diaz but they might not be quite ready to start on Day 1, or even in their 1st year.

I don’t know if this year’s draft has another Ragnow in it, probably has another Decker though. Many analysts are saying that some of the OTs in the draft are 1st round talents that could plug and play. So, maybe it’s not out of the question to slide Big V inside to RG and put the new kid at RT. Then next year, if he’s up to the job maybe you could slide him over to replace Decker at LT, shift Big V back to RT; I kinda have the feeling Decker is gone next year, cuz he hasn’t really played up to his potential that we saw in his 1st year. If he wants the big bucks, the Lions might not be willing to pay him that much.

Be nice to draft another OG or OT and have him in the pipeline this year and ready to go next year. Or both. But the Lions also need another WR or 2 in the pipeline too, right? And an RB to replace KeJo. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Quinn draft an OT, maybe as early as #35 if a decent is available. And if they trade down it might become more likely. LOL, no telling what this guy will do.

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I think the talent at both positions start to run dry after the 3rd round. I agree that OT is deeper, but that is because as you say the OG class is so weak. Would love to inject Cushenberry early to take over RG and Hunt a little later to compete with Dahl and or Big V depending on how RT/OG shakes out.