BR Mock Draft With Coach Dialogue

Love Patricia and Flores’ trade convo.

Boy, what they wrote about Detroit sure nailed it.


“If the Lions were a well-run organization, Jeff Okudah would join Darius Slay, Quandre Diggs, Tracy Walker and Tavon Wilson to form one of the NFL’s deepest, most formidable secondaries.”


Goddamn, that one stings…

How stupid can one website be? To feed into an issue the Lions have and keep it going is like, hey let’s keep kicking our team! (people will think it’s funny, and read our columns more)

But why would one want the Lions to do well!

Now that I think about it, why would anyone with pride, would even want to engage in such stupidity. Oh I don’t know, I guess we will soon see.

The fact is once again were the Laughing stock of the NFL. That’s what Patricia and Quinn turned this team into.

We haven’t been made fun of this much sense Marnelli and millen.

No matter how bad people blame Caldwell and Mayhew we were not being laughed at or joked about.

We went from respected to laughing stocks with hiring of Patricia. Sad


Ya we have holes to fill and our GM creates more holes each year to fill. can’t build anything that way.

The Diggs deal didn’t bother me that much but they should have made Slay happy enough to stay. The 3rd and 5th pick will not replace him. The money part of the deal and structure were easy to do. Slay and Okudah together would have been exciting for a couple years.

20,000 words? Jesus, it’s like he had an assignment to write like Bill Simmons but make it long enough to feel like you are slogging through Beowulf or Don Quixote…

He’s really not that funny. Also, I doubt we get just 39 from Miami.

But the way he had players coming off the board, if we could end up with a DTD scenario I think more likely of 3 for 26 and 70, and 5 for 9 and 20-

1.9 Brown or Kinlaw
1.20 Henderson
1.26 Baun or Delpit

Really want a DTD…


That’s being generous

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All defense , we spent all of FA on defense doubt it’s gonna be like that. Look for offense . Maybe not 1st Rd but some pics will be on offense

Yeah, RB at 35 for sure for me, and you could see a high value receiver at 26 if he slips and is seen as a better long-term fill than LB or S available there that could be pushed back to fill the slots one of our 3rds…

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Witch RB you like?

Any of the 3, really. Taylor least of them though.