Brady to sign with Tampa

That damn limo driver again

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That would be an odd choice for Tom Terrific.

I’m pretty sure that my fantasy team (Mike Evans and OJ Howard) would be better off, though.

His massager has to shift now

Why is it odd? Vertical offense with the best weapons he’s had since Randy Moss, nice weather and no state tax

They’ve got Evans and Godwin. Two top 10 WRS, possibly two top 5.

The offensive fit is great, I just don’t see TB being a quarterback away from winning big. Even if that QB is Brady. I figured Brady would want to prove that he’s the winner, not BB.

No doubt, though, that Arians offense will be fun as hell to watch (and probably play in).

This is a fair assessment. It will be interesting to watch.

I think the Offensive fit is shit …
Arians is a great Coach but this Offense with Winston and Winston’s arm and the Depth of Targets his receivers were making completions at does not resemble Tom Brady … Winston’s avg depth of targets thrown to was nearly 4 yards longer than Brady …12ft is a ton of real estate for DB’s to make ground on and when the arm is not close to equal that 12ft becomes a mile.
Add to it that the Defense was the the 3rd worst in points scored against and Brady will be in a position of throwing from behind a ton more than he was in NE, Tom Brady is not near the same QB when throwing from behind, nobody is, but Brady has not been in situations that forced him to throw from behind all that often for his career . Arian’s will put Brady in an Offense that works for him but it wont resemble the Bucs of 2019 and Brady is not a shootout type QB

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Tom Brady is the Leonardo DiCaprio of the NFL world.

20 years ago he started off as 6th round pick Gilbert Grape and those now infamous combine pics…

…and now he is the Wolf of Wall street sitting on his yacht with his supermodel wife.

I don’t bet against Tom Brady. I’ll be more shocked, if he doesn’t have success in Tampa Bay.

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Brady throws to smart receivers running crossing patterns or finding holes in zone defenses. He is not airing it out. His arm strength is not right. Stafford would be great in that offense.

Stafford couldn’t hit Calvin in stride. Hell, he couldn’t hit Toilolo in stride. He’s got a bullet, but Brady when he is 80 would be more accurate than Stafford in his prime. That’s what has always separated Brady from the rest. He puts the ball in perfect spots and can actually read a defense pre-snap. Stafford is terrible at both.

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Mmmmmm, see quite a few TDs where Stafford led Johnson.

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Lol. Show a highlight reel of only the plays that worked. Try showing the incompletion highlights of MS to CJ. Better yet, try showing Brady TDs to whichever no name, half ass talented ones he made careers for and we’ll talk…

Dodged a bullet. Miami and LAC still need a QB and have valuable picks to trade us.

They won’t be with Brady slinging, the dude is a shell of himself.

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Isn’t that the job of the guy making claims that lack any merit …? Stafford can’t hit a receiver in stride/ Stafford can’t read a defense …When you write this stuff and offer nothing to back it up …it’s what?

Stafford has roughly 100 TD’s to Calvin, Marvin & Golden…the other 156 TD’s went to which HOF receiver or Pro Bowl like talent ?

Stafford is an accurate QB BT,

ok, how about this drive? Hitting Durham, then tight throw to Johnson…and to top it off tricks the Dallas Defense into thinking he was going to clock it and running it in.