Brandin Cooks dealt to Texans

BOB at it again

We need to offer a 3rd for JJ Watt


Lmao. 2nd round pick headed to the Rams.
Oh man. That Houston FO looks atrocious.

The Texans could have selected a better, younger, healthier WR in the 4th round…

Not sure I agree. If Cooks is healthy a late 2nd for a late 4th seems pretty good. Ultimately the Texans offseason depends on whether David Johnson can get his mojo back. If so I think that offense could be quite dynamic.

So the larger trade for the Texans becomes Hopkins for B. Cooks and RB David Johnson roughly. I think the Cards and Texans swap 4th rd. picks with one coming this year and one coming next year? In essence Hopkins for Cooks and David Johnson. The Texans receive the Rams 4th rd pick this year too getting their 4th back that went to the Cards and the Texans get an extra 4th rounder from the Cards in 2021 if I have that right.

I would not have made those deals.

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That’s fair.
Only reason I stand by my opinion on that being an absolutely terrible trade, is because the Texans are relying on 2 HUGE “what if’s?”.
Not good in my opinion.
Not sure how replacing Cooks with Hopkins is even remotely similar.
Cooks is basically the same thing as Fuller. Both are unreliable.

I’m on the fence. I don’t think Johnson is that good of a runner but I do think he can be a 75-80 catch guy.

I probably just stick with Nuke Bc he’s the only truly elite player out of all of those guys but I’m open minded about the trade. Nuke is also a good bit more durable then the rest of those guys which is of course significant.

The Texans offense should be very good.

Cooks, Stills, Cobb and Fuller. DJ and DJ who are both great receiving backs. BOB might get the last laugh.

In games Fuller played in the 2019 regular season, Houston averaged 26.3 points per game, compared to 19.6 when he did not. They had an 8-3 record when he played and 2-3 when he didn’t.

A receiver to take the roof off is really important for the Texasns


What is up w cooks? He keeps getting traded. I loved him coming out of college.

Cooks when healthy is pretty good.

DJ averaged 35 receptions per season at UNI, and he was all that as a RB until the injury. Not sure he can be the 75-80 catch guy, reminds me of Riddick though. Johnson made the NFL HOF after his first 3 games. Rushing TD, receiving TD and return TD. If he can return to form he actually is a great RB, just not sure that’s going to happen.

He caught 80 balls in ‘16.

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He was all everything that year, the injury has affected his game period. I doubt anyone uses him as a return guy anymore and he, IMO, isn’t a 3 down back again until he is. I love the guy, I graduated from UNI.

Figured you have a connection. Why would a wrist injury have such a massive effect once recovered? Do you think it’s a confidence/mental thing? If so perhaps a change of scenery might help.

Because it’s bigger than the wrist.

If nothing else, they’ve got a bunch of interchangeable pieces. They’re all the same type of receiver… I wouldn’t have given up a 2nd to get a 4th 6’0 185lb receiver with a big contract… Pretty terrible value considering the WR talent in this draft.

Cooks sure does bounce around a lot.

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I was thinking the same thing. Just good enough to keep getting traded