Brandon Powell- Better then Tate!


New Lions secret weapon is unleashed!!!


I can only hope, lol.


Can’t really agree, but watching his preseason highlights, he is Goldenesque.

Love to,see this kid thrive. But not expecting much.


How tall was Golden?


Was? He got traded, he didn’t die, LOL. But for the record, Tate was listed at 5’10", Powell at 5’8".


Listed as 5’10”

Probably 5’8”


Saw Powells high light tape he dident drop one pass!


Eeeeehhhh …


I can see why the Lions kept him being an undrafted free agent He had the most yards in pre-season as well. reminds me of Darren Sproles in WR form.


Tate was speaking very highly of the kid. We can only hope!
He’s a UDFA rookie. I’ll get excited when I see it in a couple of real games.
Fingers crossed.


I wasnt impressed with TJ Jones He seemed to drop a few passes


This made me LOL.

Powell looked good against backups. Not so great last week returning punts. That half step he had on those guys in preseason wont be there against starters. I hope his route running has improved.


He’s been practicing all season on his routes and now he’s pro ready to unleash his incredible skills starting against these pesky Viqueens. Rumour has it he told Patricia trade Tate I’ll take over from there.


I need some of what youre smokin!!


How much you need?


TJ has really upped his game to be honest. He’s put on muscle and body mass. He’s more physical. I think the Lions purposely didn’t play him much. I think they hoped to resign him cheap.

Powell has a bigger upside than TJ in my opinion. I was very impressed with Powell in the practices I went to. The guy has game.

Neither of these guys can replace Tate. Both are clearly a step down. Tate is the best in the game at making yards after the catch. Personally I think we will be fine and Stafford won’t feel pressure to get Tate the ball so that Tate can get paid.

I think the Lions will be players in the Cole Beasley sweep stakes come this offseason

I expect the Lions to get Golladay more snaps and to use more two TE sets too.


We have our Cole Beasley= Brandon Powell :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know this is gonna sound weird but I look at athletes with big thighs lol (no homo) because they can break the small arm tackles . Which was something golden was great at. I know BP had good hands but can he break arm tackles


BP had been working out with Tate to get to his hugeness level (no homo) now is the time to put them to work!
I feel sorry for the Vikes their not going to know what hit them. :scream_cat:


I love this guy already! LMAO!