Breshad Perriman

Not sure how much he is looking for but he seemed to be figuring it out towards the end of the season.He had 3 100 yd games in a row and ended up with 6 TDs.Not sure it means alot but his father did play for the Lions years ago.What do you guys think is he a guy Quinn will look at?

I didn’t even know he was still in the NFL.

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I would league mim

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He will draw a lot more than league minimum. Last year he signed a 1 year deal for 4mil 100% guaranteed.

The kid had 645 yrds 6tds and 18 yrds a catch as TB 3rd WR. Some team will pay him to be their #2 WR.

I bet he gets a 2 year deal 6-7 mil a year.

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You mean a WR who was guaranteed 4 million last year and ended with three 100 yard games, isn’t going to take the league minimum?


I could be low on the 6-7 mil a year. WR’s are drawing crazy money.

not impressed , he has problems with injuries or something keeping him off the field and his production has been just “ok”. I pass. 51 games in 4 seasons…

Save your money for Corey Davis in 21 as Marvin’s replacement

I think you’re right on six or seven a year. A guy like AJ Green might get paid but for the most part receivers are not going to see the big payday because of how deep and how talented this draft class is

Save the $3 million prove it deal he will cost? He is not good.

Lol. Give it a rest. Trying to call a poster out after admitting you didn’t even know he was still in the league. He even torched the Lions for 3 TDs this year. You don’t follow the league or watch games lolllll


I was being a bit sarcastic with my statement about him being in the league still. I have a buddy who is a huge Bucs fan so I get to hear all about them.

Son, you try waayyy too hard to be a dick to people on this board. It’s unfortunate to see you put soo much energy into being so negative. Just think of what kind of a good person you’d be if you just tried to turn some of that negative, inferiority energy into positive energy!


The board incel strikes again

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Perriman is NOT going to IMPROVE this team, let alone the WR group, period. need more Amari Cooper…

OR just got laid.

1%'er! LOL

I agree with this for the most part. I think this will be true for 2nd tier guys but teams that have a true #1 will fork out serious cash if they want to keep them.

I might be biased based on what I saw him do against the Lions but I like him. Let’s not forget he had Jameis Winston throwing to him who almost had a higher completion percentage throwing to the opposition. He is a bigger receiver so could be great back-up to Golladay and sub when Kenny needs a break. ALL that being said… I think we can get talent in the draft so unless he comes cheap I would pass. I would spend a few bucks on Robby Anderson as I think he would fit right in and take Jones spot especially next year. Could do some cap management to easily make that work when Jones is off the books.

I think he would be an asset and a good future replacement for Jones. I honestly think he has the skills to be a good number two WR. He’s been improving his game each year.

With that said I’d rather look to the draft. I think there is some real talent in the draft and I’d rather target a guy with great route running abilities.

I’d look to rounds 2-3 and grab a guy like Justin Jefferson, Tyler Johnson, KJ. Hamler, KJ. Hill, or Van Jefferson.

Ok now Anderson (besides having the best last name… little bias here) I would LOVE to bring in 7mill a year.

They’re saying this is one of the deepest WR drafts in a long time. I wanted us to draft one last year, a lot of rookies had a good year last year.

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