Bright Spots From 2019?

I haven’t been able to watch as much as I normally do this season, so I’d love to hear your observations about areas of optimism moving forward. Golladay’s emergence is something to look forward to - anything else??

I really wanted to play along here but I’m stumped…

Besides Golladay maybe Walker. He looks like a gamer to me.

-We have 2 very good WR’s. One of the better tandems in the league.
-We have a top 3 kicker, in a league that has a MAJOR kicking epidemic.
-We still have a decent QB if healthy

  • We have an OC that has shown he can do a decent job.
  • We have a foundational piece on the O-line in Frank Ragnow.

Biggest bright spot by far, this season…Bevell! Firs time we’ve had and NFL caliber OC since Linehan left. What he did with the talent he had/didn’t have, was amazing.

Stafford is the alpha-male! Love our QB, and super-happy to have him here.

I know most of the guys won’t agree, but Flowers came on strong, once fully recovered and in game shape. Keep in mind, with Harrison injured, Flowers is the only legit NFL DL out there, most games, so they could give him lots of attention. I think he’ll prove to be a really nice piece, once we get him some help. We’re WAY too soft in the middle, so easy to avoid anything one DE is doing.

Golliday is an obvious rising star.

Bo was a nice addition.

Kicking game is strong!

Ragnow looking like a nice pick.


On offense:
Bevell (though it was a bit dodgy at times)
Dahl in his starter role
Ragnow as C (seems like this was a foregone conclusion, but 1 year ago we were begging the team to please play him at C)
Sadly, that’s it for offense.

On D:
Flowers, Kennard, Tavai, Slay, Coleman and Walker. Slay was a foregone conclusion and on the surface Flowers seems like a failure, but he was called upon to perform on a line that consisted of zero healthy starters.

The receivers are very good.
Amendola has lost nothing!
Marvin Hall
And, the one that will get me roasted, Blough.
Defense? I got nothing.
Special Teams? Yeah, I got nothing. I really want to say Agnew. He flashed a couple times, but, nothing consistent.
The biggest bright spot? Darryl Bevell. Quinn and Patricia need to spend the rest of their tenure kissing Bev’s ass. He’s the only thing that saved them. I have zero doubt.

Agreed on all of these. I also think Flowers showed enough.

The brightest spot is that it’s over



Kerryon bouncing back for final two games

J.D. Mckissic is an intriguing player

Tracy Walker is still climbing the mountain. Gonna keep getting better…

J.Tavai going into year #2. I’m excited to see him progress.

Justin Coleman was the real deal. I expect to see progress in year 2 under Patricia.

But the biggest bright spot in 2019 (for me)…was this teams willingness to fight each week. They wanted to win every game. They never showed any sign of “mailing it in”. They lost a whole bunch…but it wasn’t because of effort or desire to win.


Stafford having a bounce back year and lookin great till the injury

Ragnow is a 10 year C

Golladay was a stud no matter who the QB was

Jones is a bargain and needs to be resigned

A few bright spots on the D…Flowers looking better and a Walker looks like he could be a good S in the near future. Coleman was good as well

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we didn’t get humiliated by the jets?


Ragnow was great all year.

Flowers finally picked up steam.

Golladay looked great.

I will add Agnew had a big turnaround after a rough start. A kick and punt return for a TD. He probably should have been selected to the pro bowl as an alternate at least.

Ragnow was great. Hock looked really good to start the year. Kenny G, Amendola, Hall, and Jones made some big contributions. Good finds in Bo and JD. Walker, Coleman, and Amani have a bright future ahead for the Lions. Will Harris showed some flashes and should improve. Flowers came on strong.

The Lions need to find some more impact players along the Dline. Tavai should improve next season.

Was wondering when someone would try to turn this positive post into a negative one. Great job!:roll_eyes:

I forgot Prater!

Lions’ Prater passes Hanson among all-time leaders of 50-plus-yard field goals

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Pretty much anything positive I feel about this team goes out the window with the idea that the same man is going to be leading it in 2020. But here are a few I noticed.

  1. Frank Ragnow is legit standout at the Center position.

  2. TJ Hockenson had a mostly sleepy season like damn near every rookie TE ever. But he proved in short bursts that he is a cut above most others at the position. He will build on it.

  3. Bo Scarborough

  4. Kenny Golladay

  5. Tracy Walker

  6. Prater is one of the best kickers in football

  7. Bevell is on a different level than what we are used to in Detroit


They actually lined up to run the ball for a 1 yard TD and succeeded.
Seemed like they were learning how to get that tough yard the last few games. Not that often, but it’s something that has been missing from the run game for a long time.


Stafford having a revelation of sorts. It’s reminiscent of 2011. Walker’s development continued. Golladay became a legit #1 receiver. We say Hock’s potential. Bevell proved competent. That’s all I got.

That Arizona game, though. A tie felt worse.


Bev is the best OC we’ve had since Martz.
I was excited when Schwartz tapped Linehan because he was from the Martz tree, but unfortunately, he had the X’s and O’s, but, none of the madness.

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