Brock Osweiller retires from NFL

Obviously the league told him to do this right now to distract from the MNF officiating!!!

Good luck to Brock in his future endeavors. He always seemed like a likable enough character and he’s leaving the game with more left in the tank. I still wonder how things would have turned out if had stayed with the Broncos.

He did very well for himself!

Brock Osweiler’s career earnings: $41,396,679

Never started a full season.
15-15 career record
37 TD - 31 INT
Won a Super Bowl
Retired before 30.



i’ve always thought backup QB is one of the best gigs on planet earth. nobody expects you to be any good so you can suck and still get paid well and probably never even have to play in a real game. :wink: it’s one of the few jobs where low expectations are built into the job description and they pay you handsomely for it.