Browns expected to make more than just coaching changes

I really wonder who wins a playoff game first between Detroit & Cleveland.

Is it wrong that I have issues trusting anyone with that last name? :wink:

Maybe they make a wholesale personnel change and send us a monster DL for a 3rd or 4th rounder?

Not gonna pretend to know what I’m talking about here. Just a little wishful thinking.


Hey, maybe they should ask the NFL for help?


I think Baker Mayfield needs a strong coach. I agree they need to make changes. The team under performed.

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Interesting that a poster in that tweet thread said he heard Elliot Wolf to be GM and Mike McCarthy and his staff to be coach. If this ends up happening, then the whole NFL coaching search is crap

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Dorsey is out? Wow!

Dorsey made some good personnel moves but completely botched the coaching hire (if that was his choice).

As far as who will win a playoff game first, it all comes down to the Browns coaching hire. An experienced coach CAN go into Cleveland right now and win a playoff game. We brought back Patricia, so we’ve got no shot in 2020 and already are looking forward to the 2021 season.

Kinda wonder if they are going to give someone full control. Cowher. J/K.

That would be SO amazing. I bet he’d come in and win immediately…for a decade.
Dude likes tv too much.

I’ve said it for some time now. Even if we think it’s less than a 1% chance of happening, I wish that just once Martha would hold a press conference and say something like “I am willing to give Cowher or Reid (example) full control and I am willing to extend them to the richest contract in NFL history, because I WANT TO WIN!”.

Instead what we get is cheap, know nothing, inexperienced rookies because we don’t even try to get someone good, due to the owner not giving AF about winning. Look what Oakland had to do to pry Gruden out of his cushy job. When you have a 60 year history of doing nothing but stupid shit, you will need to pony up and overpay if you want to get a legit coach/GM here.

We constantly have to overpay for pretty much all of our players, because of the fact we suck so bad for so long, but we never think about just overpaying and doubling the salary of a good GM and coach. Then maybe you won’t need to overpay all of your players. People would probably run here and play at a discount to play for someone with a real track record, over playing for fats mcpencil neck and baseball bat McGee.

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Love seeing proud organizations that are dedicated to winning. I have said that for some time. I can so readily recognize it, and it occurs to me so often…because our franchise has not been that way. Too much buddy-system @ times, and lots of horrible decisions on paper. If organizations make decisions that make sense on paper, at least they are trying. Not every thing works out.

I have truly felt that Ford saw this organization as a way to bond with family after church. It’s an expensive way to get together and bond with family, maybe provide joy for fans…sort of like a feel-good purchase for them, but they never care if they win or not.

Brutal to watch, over time.


What organization are you talking about?

Organizations (plural). Teams that are committed to winning. The biggest one that comes to mind for me is the Steelers. Patriots are super-committed. Bills have felt like they are giving consistent effort. Giants are a big one, for me.

Lots of other teams feel like they are all over the place, knee-jerk, less committed to winning.

San Fran, Seattle are a couple more. All teams have down years and down spells, but some franchises just seem to bounce back no matter what. They have people in place to fix mistakes and have a vision for the future. In Detroit we have Betty White’s grandma throwing her poop filled depends at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Steelers lose Bell, AB and Big Ben in a matter of months and still go 8-8. THAT’S THEIR FUCKING BASEMENT? We lose Stafford and cannot win a single game. Seattle has no RB, usually has nothing at WR to speak of, garbage O lines and usually get it done. Even their defense is a shell of what it has been in the past. No problem, 11-5 in a pretty tough division. The Pats are a unicorn, nothing needs to be said here. San Fran has a rich history of success and seem to be right back on track after dropping off post Harbaugh.