Browns fire GM

Another major house cleaning in Cleveland

I will say that I am somewhat surprised at this move.

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Me too, my guess is ownership wants a certain coach that Dorsey didn’t.

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I would kill for the lions to get Dorsey. Cleveland is talent rich. They could be like the bulls prior to getting phil Jackson. Firing Dorsey is classic Browns.


Cleveland is a dumpster fire. There’s no denying Dorsey’s eye for talent. But he did rub people the wrong way in Kansas City where he helped assemble a perennial playoff contender alongside Andy Reid. I wonder if we’ll ever get the real story out of Cleveland. I remember reading an article about their owner and how he meddles too much.


Time to trade for obj :wink:

I wouldn’t want him on this team for free. He’s such a POS.

Sounds like a classic power struggle.

Some want owners who hire a guy and then get out of the way while the alternative is a guy like Hasslam who meddles too much. Both strategies have had some success in the NFL. But an owner like Hasslam should never hire a guy like Dorsey.

Yep this rumor started Saturday and I even posted in another thread it was going to happen. Eliot Wolf will be the new GM when all the dust settles and he is going to hire McCarthy and his staff if he is still available and IMO, will hold off on any decision until meeting with the browns

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Cleveland Browns - model of excellence!

Dorsey is lightyears better than any Gm we have had here. Dude filled up 2 teams with talent and put quite a few elite type players on those teams. We have exactly zero elite players here.

My link is it happened, a lot of my info comes from family that works in the leagie

This is the guy that Aaron Rodgers said had the lowest IQ of any coach he has ever had.

Not that I am a fan of McCarthy, but 125-77 with 10-8 playoff record is not bad for a guy with low IQ

Very good record, but I think many people would believe the success was because of Rodgers. Even Matt Patricia could look respectable with Aaron Rodgers as his QB. Aaron Rodgers in his prime would have made any team a legit SB threat.

Oh what id do to get Dorsey no homo lol.

I wish we could bring him in as a advisor role and then when bob Quinn and matty p screw up we have Dorsey to take over.

Mary Kay Cabot (@MaryKayCabot) tweeted at 8:30 PM on Tue, Dec 31, 2019:
Ex #Packers coach Mike McCarthy is the #Browns 1st interview on Thursday, & a pairing with Browns asst. GM Eliot Wolf is being considered, league sources tell clevelanddotcom. 9 playoffs seasons together in GB, 1 Super Bowl win

Thanks. MM would be a great hire for Cleveland. Finally getting a real coach and leader.