**Browns vs Jets Thread**

Baker Mayfield probably woke up feeling passive aggressive…oops, I mean dangerous

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Welcome back to primetime Odell Beckham

Cleveland is so fraudulent.

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They are a bunch of undisciplined clowns. Freddie Kitchens is going to be a one year HC.

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I agree.

That said…the Jets look pretty bad

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They tried the tank and rebuild from scratch thing, but in the end I think they “Cleveland Brown’d” the situation up. The biggest mistake they made IMO was not going out and hiring an experienced HC. They promoted a guy to HC who was their frickin QB coach a few months earlier.

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I don’t know about the Browns but I’m starting to think the Jets might be in 0-16 candidate

But probably not. It’s really hard to be that consistently bad

Reminds me of what Tampa did with Dirk Koetter

I will never forget listening to Booger McFarland on NFL radio after the Bucs promoted Koetter and the Giants promoted McAdoo. He said “I guess you don’t need to be a leader of men anymore to be a head coach in the National Football League. Just get in good with the teams quarterback and you can be a head coach someday too.” LOL

The Jets have too much talent and too good of a coaching staff IMO to pull it off. I think the Dolphins might get there though. They have some talent but their coaching staff is suspect and they have already started to quit on him.

And Simion down

Looks like Bell full time QB now

Trevor Simian’s ankle just got broke…I think.

I think your right!

They will know for sure when they find it

It looked like it was kind of flopping around there at the end…but somehow he’s able to walk on it.
Still didn’t look good.

I am totally stunned that he walked off on that

Kind of looked like what happened to Felipe Franks from Florida this weekend. If it’s not broken, he definitely tore some stuff, either way he’d be done for the season.

See, this is what’s wrong with these new artificial turf stadiums. Back in the day he could have just rubbed some dirt on it and got back in there. Now…there’s no dirt. I bet some forward thinking trainer is going to start bringing buckets of dirt with him to the stadium.


He could be like Chris Rock’s dad, and treat it with Robitussin.

Get that ‘Tussin in there, boy!


That’s probably what they’ll do when they get him to the hospital, pharmaceutical dirt on it. It’s a little more pricey than regular dirt but it’s sanitary, very popular in middle eastern medicine and great for hemorrhoids.

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